Once again you see the solidarity of the Republican party behind the most corrupt former president or presidential nominee ever to be on the GOP ticket. You saw a lot of elected officials from both chambers of Congress show up in court this week and sources say that Republicans intend to descend en masse next week to support their standard bearer. Cult behavior? Absolutely. Did you know that voting in 2024 was a choice between voting for a political party candidate, on the one hand, and a charismatic cult leader on the other?

About 16 members of the House Freedom Caucus are eyeing a trip to New York, one potential traveler told the news outlet. [Politico]

“Every Republican should go support [former] President Trump,” said Chair Bob Good (R-VA.), He declined to comment on whether he’d make the trip himself.

In recent days Trump has been accompanied to court by Republicans who include Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), Sens. J.D. Vance (R-OH) and Tommy Tuberville (R-AL).

Former presidential candidates Doug Burgum and Vivek Ramaswamy also appeared sporting matching blue blazers and red ties.

On Wednesday, Sen. Mitt Romney said he found the spectacle “difficult to watch.

“Going out and prostrating themselves in front of the public to try and, apparently, curry favor with the person who’s our nominee is embarrassing,” Romney said. “It’s a little demeaning to show up in front of the courthouse — and particularly one where we’re talking about an allegation of paying a porn star.”

The Republican’s reported Manhattan-bound journey was also met with ridicule when the news hit social media.

“Its 100% about intimidation,” replied X user LM Entertainment. “Disgusting. [They’re] supposed to be ‘working’ on the taxpayers dime.”

Now review why this is necessary: it’s because Melania won’t come to court and if she did, I would not expect her to bring Barron. This is the bind Donald Trump’s in. He’s got no loving family around him. His world has always been one of transactional relationships and now he’s got Republicans, who want to put him back in power so they can stay in power, too, showing up to provide photo op material.

We are at a dangerous juncture here and with any luck this will backfire on the GOP. They’re showing solidarity with Trump, and in doing so trying the case in the court of public opinion. To some extent, that’s unavoidable, because of the high profile nature of this case. But for the case to be tried by the public and for the case to already have been decided by elected officials, who have no business interfering with a criminal matter in New York City when they should be working for the people in Washington, are two very different things.

The legislature is trying to do the job of the judiciary. That is not how this government was designed. And the Republicans showing up in New York know that. And they don’t care. The Constitution is nothing to them. I’m sure you remember the conspiracy theory that got started about Dubya back in the day, where he supposedly said, “The Constitution is merely a piece of paper?” Hey, might have been a joke then, it’s being proven now. That’s how these people feel about it.

I hope that there will be some public outcry to prevent congress members from making a bigger circus of the hush money trial than it already is. These elected officials belong in Washington making law, not playing cheerleader to Donald Trump.

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  1. Am I the only one who sees the irony in all this Trump fluffing going on during this trial. A trickle of GOPer Trump fluffers has turned into a flow and is about to turn into a fire hose of them. And FLUFFING Trump is exactly what they are doing. At a trial determining whether he committed crimes covering up payments to a freaking PORN STAR. Use of the term Trump fluffer isn’t unique to this site. You see it lots of places but on porn sets it’s a very real thing and there are people who’s actual job is to “fluff” the male actors having trouble “making wood” become “camera ready.” (as in great at oral sex to arouse the male enough he’s ready to step in front of the camera to perform)

    I mean come on! All these asshats fluffing Trump at a trial that features an actual PORN STAR Trump boinked. I think the irony is funny as hell.

  2. I hope Judge Merchan sees this for what it is and opens the next day of court with some sort of comment that ALL parties (with a directed glance at Trump) should remember that a courtroom is only open to the general public at the judge’s discretion and that people with no legitimate purpose in the court could be turned away or removed by the guards.

    I’d also find it funny if a group of prominent Democrats were to announce they too would be attending Trump’s trial to “show support for the legal system and its interest in seeing that ALL accused criminals are treated equally.” Do you think THAT would go over well with the right-wing media whores?


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