Mike Pence, who is most adamant about wanting you to practice his most stringent strain of Christianity, sure does seem to give himself a lot of leash when it comes to him not bearing false witness.

In one interview this week he lied not only but drumpf’s responsibility for deregulation of trains carrying hazardous chemicals, but he also accused Biden Administration officials of backtracking on their revelation that Chinese Spy Ballon’s had transited some areas of the U.S. in their term:

Raw Story

“During an interview about the East Palestine train derailment on Wednesday, former kVice President Mike Pence defended the Donald Trump administration’s safety record by comparing the criticism to attacks they had received about the Chinese spy balloon that invaded U.S. airspace.

“They’re blaming the Trump administration. They say it’s the regulations that you peeled back that led to this lack of safety,” said anchor Martha MacCallum. To which Pence responded, “Yeah, same crowd that said that Chinese balloons floated over our administration, right – until they admitted that they didn’t.”

But as CNN fact-checkers Daniel Dale and Zachary Cohen were quick to point out on Friday morning, no one “admitted” that there were no Chinese balloon incursions during the Trump administration — and in fact, there were such incidents during the Trump administration.

“Neither the Biden administration nor the Pentagon has ‘admitted’ that Chinese spy balloons didn’t float over the United States during the Trump-Pence administration,” they wrote. “In fact, the Biden administration and the Pentagon have said this month that Chinese spy balloons did float over the US during the Trump-Pence era. The Pentagon has briefed Congress about these suspected Trump-era incidents; former Trump administration national security officials who were briefed by the intelligence community last week have not disputed the existence of these incidents after the briefings; and CNN has viewed excerpts from a 2022 military intelligence report that said a Chinese spy balloon in 2019 ‘drifted past Hawaii and across Florida before continuing its journey.'”

Because you know, folks, the rules are made for thee but not for me, especially when the Orange Ape is listening.

Others noticed too…


Doh, indeed.

Mother has them in her purse.

Methinks Pence is more scared of drumpf than his maker.

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  1. The only conceivable way to get the truth out of Qtip is to threatened to shove a hot poker up his arse! So much for being a ‘hero’. A lying sniveling fake is much more on the mark.

  2. I think him fighting the subpoena is a show. His argument is nonsense and will definitely be struck down. He just has to show Orange Daddy and the MAGAts that he “fought the good fight”.
    He still thinks he has a shot at being POTUS.
    Never was very bright, that one.

  3. Over here there’s an expression (dating back to pre-decimal currency, but still in common usage) “He’s not the full shilling”, meaning that, mentally, he’s not all there

    Now, there are 12 pence to a shilling…………………

  4. The Trump.administration weren’t
    briefed at all.about this, likely because the Pentagon side trust Trump’s reaction. Donnie Donuts was,desperate to nuke somebody or something (even if it only a hurricane!).


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