This is Mike Pence at his worst. The man is a spineless jellyfish. I won’t even try to guess at what he is “thinking.” Maybe he thinks that he’ll get the number two spot on the GOP ticket offered to him again. That’s an act in futility and if he would even want it, that shows right there that the man has zero character.  Or, maybe he thinks he’s going to sway the MAGA base by taking up the banner of their leader and they will now love him. Equally delusional.

Pence went on the radio today and parroted Donald Trump’s complaints about how he is persecuted and the victim of a political witch hunt.

Pence was wrong to do this, any way you cut it. All he’s doing is fragmenting the GOP further. There are many Republicans who want to move on from the dysfunction and chaos of the Trump years. Pence just took the GOP back ten steps in that process. Plus, he went on to parrot all the false MAGA talking points about the “Russia hoax” all of it.

Yes, people are hurting, Mike. It’s just awful. We get a stellar jobs report, month after month, prescription drug prices are the most affordable they’ve ever been, in the years Biden has been in office there have been cost of living increases for Social Security recipients, infrastructure is getting buttressed and rebuilt and a lot of the foolish moves which took place during Trump’s tenure are being examined and reversed. I’m thinking specifically of Trump’s deregulation frenzy leading to the toxic train derailment in Ohio.

Now Pence is in Iowa and he’s telling people there that they “have the right to peaceably protest.” He knows Trump is calling for violence in the streets the day of his arrest, should it take place and it probably will. Mike Pence could have gotten killed the last time that Trump rallied his followers to “do the right thing.” Yet all that has slipped Pence’s mind, apparently.

Pence wasn’t going anywhere in the 2024 presidential primary anyhow, but he’s really signed his political death warrant this time. The MAGAs don’t want him and now, unless I miss my guess, the likes of Romney and Cheney are going to freeze him. Stupid, stupid move.

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  1. Pence was on his way to losing reelection as governor of IN when TFG plucked him out of obscurity to be his running mate, solely because of his evangelical bona fides. He has no instinctual political leanings and apparently can’t read polling either. When faced with two options, he invariably picks the worst one. Hopefully, he will sink back into obscurity soon.

    • You said it. Pence is in no way set up for the national stage, precisely for the reasons you enumerate. He knows what flies in Indiana, to an extent, but even there he burned them all out.

      He was indeed finished in 2016 when he fell upward with Trump. I guess Pence thinks he’s going to fall upward again.

  2. I can’t believe “Mother” approved any of this.

    Maybe Mike went all “rogue” just so that “Mother” would punish him for being a bad boy.

  3. I saw an excerpt from a television interview, where he said “we all know there are two types of justice in this country”. He was referring to TFG being as they say “persecuted”. As I listened and thought no, TFG is experiencing real justice, after many years of having rich, white guy justice.


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