Every time Donald Trump shows up at a rally he goes over the same old same old. The jokes are tired, the transgender athlete schtick has really gotten old, it barely gets a laugh anymore. But the Nazi rhetoric is always welcome. Because that’s who these people are. They quiver when they think of the Great Replacement and they love it when Trump declares his mass deportation on Day One. Here is the 21st Century version of Hitler, American style.

As horrifying as that is, it is plain that that’s Trump’s “platform” and those are his policies. And remember, he didn’t get here by himself. The Republican party has decided to go down the rabbit hole with him. They know he’s an idiot. They know he’s insane. They know he’s got no business in government, let alone in the Oval Office.

But because they don’t have anybody else and there is a vacuum of leadership in the party, the one eyed man is king, as in the valley of the blind. In Trump’s case, his one eye tells him how to excite the lunatic fringe, tell them what they want to hear. He is totally tuned into the lowest common denominator in this country. That’s his gift.

And so the lunatic fringes of the GOP, which have always been there, united behind Trump and the rest of the GOP has lowered itself to that level. And no matter how low Trump gets, they’ll follow him.

Why? Because they are craven, cowardly, and all they care about is power at any cost. If our way of life as a constitutional democracy is on the chopping block, so be it. If Trump gets back into power and refuses to leave, don’t worry. The GOP will back that, too.

They’ve all turned MAGA. I truly wonder what will become not only of conservatism in this country, but of the rest of us? Democracy depends upon two functioning parties, not one functioning party and a charismatic cult helmed by a maniac with criminal propensities.

But that’s what Germany got in the 1930’s and almost 100 years later, we have a version of the very same. A very few Republicans will do the right thing. Geoff Duncan, who used to be the Lt. Governor of Georgia, said he will vote for Biden. Brian Kemp and his wife said they won’t vote for Trump. A small minority will follow them.

But the vast majority will vote for Trump. Because they want what’s in it for them. They know that our way of life will be irrevocably changed, but like the fall of any country, there will be some looting to be done before everything completely collapses. So whatever money, favors, privileges, exercises of power they can get, the Republicans will go for.

Why? Because they’re out for number one. The GOP is not the party of the social safety net. They’re the party of “I got mine, screw you.” Make no mistake, people like Nikki Haley, Mike Lee, Lindsey Graham, Tim Scott, Ron DeSantis, all people who have criticized Trump at one time or another have all come back to him and bent the knee. It’s because they want what’s in it for them. And they don’t give a rat’s ass what happens to their constituents and to their country.

This iteration of the GOP is the lowest of the low and the worst of the worst. They call themselves the Party Of Lincoln. Lincoln is rolling in his grave listening to his name being dragged through the mud to describe this pack of losers.


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  1. Trump also sacrificed Americans for his campaign upon realizing mostly Blacks and Browns were dying in Blue states thinking blaming their Governors would help his re-election! That’s who they’re not only protecting but trying to give powers exceeding any King! #Sacrificed4Trump

  2. Take a lesson from WW2 where we had to sacrifice 400,000 boys to stop these lying murderous fascists. IF we don’t stop it with the vote…time will require us to watch the end of the world or PICK UP A GUN. You decide. VOTE!


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