If you haven’t heard of Stew Peters, you haven’t missed much. Other than the fact that he is an extremist right-wing supporter of former President Donald Trump and a massive nutjob/conspiracy theorist with hundreds of thousands of followers who somehow have heard of him. And, on social media Monday, he said America should abandon democracy.

“i am in favor of the installation of a monarchy,” he posted, per RAW STORY. “A dictatorial kingship that will reintroduce normalcy (does he even know what that is?), christian values and the rule of law. a system that will indict, try and fry convicted war criminals and pedophiles. a power that will secure the borders of our country, and consider america first in every decision that it faces. this is the way.”

Damn. There is something in this dude’s piercing stare that freaks me out a little bit.

Maybe it’s because he supports the idea of Trump being a dictatorial king. Anyone supporting that idea give me the creeps. Combine that notion with the fact that scores of Trump supporters say they may not accept the 2024 presidential election if their “king” loses. And late last year Trump plainly said he would be a dictator on “day one” if he is reelected.

Not content to just post once, Peters fired off another salvo.

“Elections are fake,” he wrote. “the idea of a two-party constitutional republic is fake. congress is fake. our entire system of government has been an illusion for the american people to believe they live under some sort of ‘democracy.’ it’s all fake. there is no political solution for the current state of affairs in this country. you are not going to vote your way out of a tyrannical overtaking. we don’t need any more political candidates. what this country needs is another william wallace.”

I have a hard time picturing this first part, but Peters is a former rapper and bounty hunter who is followed by numerous Republican lawmakers. I started to think I’d have a difficult time with that but then I remembered this is the GOP, after all. This nutball has ranted about so many conspiracy theories that he almost makes Marjorie Taylor Greene look normal.


He is behind the conspiracy theories, er, I mean movies, “Died Suddenly,” which purports the COVID vaccine led to mass deaths, and the sequel, “Final Days” which asininely purports COVID was actually a bioweapon meant to somehow reprogram humans for Satanic purposes. And he’s also promoted a fair share of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and is another idiot who thinks the Earth is flat. And for those who oppose him, well, he’s all for violent reprisals.

Oh, and last September he called for the execution of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. This was at ReAwaken America, a right-wing extremist Christian nationalist rally held by fellow nutball Michael Flynn. Peters has even disgustingly said on a livestream that Catholic charity workers caught helping migrants with their asylum requests should be shot.

What a nice guy.

No wonder he gives me the creeps.

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  1. Like Hitler was a monarch. Atwood is a greater prophet than any this guy knows. I thank God for the suffrage movement, because women are going to be the difference.

  2. Has anyone tried explaining to him that absolute monarchies and the ‘divine right of kings’ are as dead as the dodo?

    All European monarchies are ‘constitutional’ in the the monarch (as head of state) simply signs a formal assent to what the government passes (whether he or she agrees with it or not)

    Ireland has an elected president as head of state – but he also has no input into the legislative process. He can withhold assent and run the law past constitutional lawyers is about the extent of his power. Maybe the US could consider that option as a constitutional amendment.

    Oh and Irish Supreme Court judges have to retire at age 70 (the Brit ones retire at 75). The Irish criteria for appointment can be found http://www.supremecourt.ie/supremecourt/sclibrary3.nsf/pagecurrent/225D8212CD9DEDE880257315005A41A5

  3. William Wallace? Look, Braveheart was an entertaining movie but it’s wildly inaccurate historically speaking. From the battles to the presentation of Wallace (and other figures). Stewie and others need to read actual history. And realize the little tag on may an epic and hugely popular movie that says “base on a true story” or “inspired by actual events” more often than not is bullshit salesmanship. Relatively few such movies are largely historically accurate. And Braveheart is far from being a movie that was a somewhat accurate portrayal of Wallace or the events of the time.

  4. Peters. What an appropriate name for a complete and utter dick with ears. I think the country, probably the planet, would benefit immensely if someone shot Stew Dick with Ears. And why stop there-get the f*ck rid of all these xtian nationalists. We will not be safe as a nation until they’re gone-completely gone.

  5. Oh. Wow. Another lunatic who thought Brave heart was actual historically correct. It wasn’t. And it happened in the 13 th century,when the concept of democracy only existed on the local

    tribal level in Ireland(The tanistry system in medieval Ireland chose the heir to the local kingship or club from !eh of a specific generation, and it wasn’t automatically the current king’s son. The clan voted on the heir, who became king autism say the death of the current monarch. Primogeniture wasn’t the norm.) but seems to have not existed in Scotland. Under Wallace they were fighting over who became king after the heir died.

    England eventually got around to the Magna Carta in 1215, which was then annulled, but restored in 1297, basically setting up a Parliament which limited the king’s power. In other words, this jack@$$ doesn’t know his butt from a hole in the ground. Scholars also think that there was a much earlier Anglo-Saxon structure resembling a Parliament which was killed by the Norman Invasion. In other words, there were older versions of a group which limited the power of the king much earlier. Democracy or something resembling wasn’t invented in 1783 with the constitution. By the time George I became king, England was a constitutional monarch with monarch mostly a figurehead with Parliament actually calling the shots.

    Goddess,,I despite historical and legal ignoramuses pontificating. O course their followers are at best semiliterate, reading at a 5th grade level and completely uneducated in actual.history and civics.

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Grrrffffrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.(repeat that ever 2 minutes at least 20 tines to sum up how much I despise illegitimate offspring of a diseased camel and s syphilitic cow.


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