Today was not the day to hold an outdoor rally. At least not in the Southwest it wasn’t. It was 111 here in Sin City and I believe the same in most of Arizona. I wouldn’t stand in line in 111 degree heat to hear Jesus preach the word. That may sound sacrilegious but there’s one thing I learned long ago when all this MAGA madness started: I can only be of service if I’m healthy and in one piece. And standing around in the hot desert sun for more than a few minutes is a recipe for disaster. Here are some images from today’s festivities, where 11 people were carted off on stretchers.

What’s that you say? What kind of a fat slob needs a forklift to get out of the back of a limo? Beats me. You’d think all that golf cart driving and swinging at an occasional ball would be of some kind of benefit, now wouldn’t you?

So what’s wrong with the gal behind Trump?

  1. She’s overwhelmed to be so near an idol?
  2. He just farted?
  3. He needs a diaper change?
  4. The hair product stinks especially bad today?
  5. Numbers, 2, 3, and 4 in combination would put you in tears, too.

Now you see the contrast between what real leaders do on D-Day and what Trump does, watching video of the candy ass he was when he was young. He’s still a candy ass, he’s just an old one.

Here he is looking like Wolverine again.

After the festivities in Phoenix Trump winged his way to San Francisco to go to David Sacks house — sans Melania. I actually do find that odd. Melania might want to go shopping for her next husband. She’s only 54 and still has her looks. She can probably find a billionaire — a real one this time.


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    • Melania has the kind of looks you have when you’ve been concentrating on preserving your looks. She’s got tight skin. A lot of women her age or older are beautiful because they have character in their faces. They’re interesting people. Not her. She’ll keep tightening the skin and being dull until she looks even more like a space alien.

      • I saw your donation and I thank you. I was very ill from a kidney stone and was hospitalized, finally. My work product was off but now I’m trying to catch up again. Also, Denis suffered a concussion and he hasn’t been posting here lately, so we all have been trying to cover for him.

        • My pleasure and responsibility as daily reader. More to come as I can,Self employed for 1/2 my life and it is tough as you know. That comment just required action from me as a woman in particular working in “mens” jobs my whole life. I suddenly realized how much content you review in order to bring us thoughtful, cogent and thankfully humorous at much needed times information on YOUR business platform. Thank you and all your contributing writers for giving me more to think. Causing new ways of considering,hell…anything with an open mind helps us all be more civil, aware of our mutually shared interests (which tend to be similar) not divisions.

  1. Hey you nazis…be sure to wear black, avoid water like vampires avoid sunshine, and congregate in the full sun when the temperature hits triple digits! Prove the messiah can provide shelter for his flock of crying, bloviating, cult members!!! Be sure to pack your special grapejuice from Reverend Jones!!!

    • What is ironic as hell is that the first post I ever did, back in 2016, was about Trump’s followers taking the kool-aide. This was fairly original thinking in the early fall of 2016, although it didn’t take long for people to see the cult mentality. Murfster picked up on it early in the game as well.

      The first post I ever did that went viral (this was in the old days on Daily Kos, before PZ even existed) was December 1, 2016. That compared the Trump cult to Orwell and 1984. Point being, we have lived to see both these predictions come true. If Trump would get back in, it would be 1984’s totalitarian state. And maybe the Trump cult will drink the kool-aide. At this point, they’re so crazy that it wouldn’t surprise me.

    • If they knelt in the shade of his honor nous belly, they’d be fine.

      Only surprised the heat didn’t melt his hair spray. Maybe he used shellac today.

  2. What kind of fat slob needs a forklift to get out of a car? Well, the fat slob kind of fat slob. Sheesh. lmao.

    Wonder if Von Shitzinpantz is going to tell his cult morons to vote before they die of heat stroke, never mind it’s too early for even early voting. I can hear it now “Don’t die until you vote for me”!

    • He said that in Iowa basically. It was during the primary and the snow and cold were horrific. He went ahead and told people to risk their lives to come out and give him the vote. He doesn’t care. As long as he’s comfortable he doesn’t care about anyone else.


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