There’s a saying, “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.” Donald Trump doesn’t have enough guts to do even one night in jail, let alone serve a sentence. He’s only now coming to grips with that fact, because he may find himself following in the footsteps of his employee, Allen Weisselberg.

Weisselberg, the Chief Financial Officer, was arrested and taken away in handcuffs and that image seared itself on Trump’s mental retina, according to the New York Times:

When the Trump Organization’s former chief financial officer, Allen H. Weisselberg, was arrested in 2021, Mr. Trump watched in horror as television news showed Mr. Weisselberg flanked by officers in the courthouse, and the former president said he couldn’t believe what was happening.

He “couldn’t believe” that somebody so close to him was getting a comeuppance, but now Trump’s about to get one himself. He may be seeing himself in Weisselberg’s shoes and what a sight that would be. In all events, Trump is foaming at the mouth on his social media site and reporters are trying to get the actual facts of what he’s reacting to.

The statement from Mr. Trump’s spokesman did not explain how he had landed on Tuesday as an arrest date. One person with knowledge of the matter said that Mr. Trump’s advisers had guessed that it could happen around then, and that someone might have relayed that to the former president.

A lawyer for Mr. Trump, Susan R. Necheles, said that his post had been based on news reports, and accused the Manhattan district attorney’s office of conducting a “political prosecution.”

Mr. Trump, who declared his third presidential campaign in November and is leading his Republican opponents in most polls, faced his first criminal investigation in the late 1970s. He has been deeply anxious about the prospect of an arrest, which is expected to include being fingerprinted, one of the people said.

Fingerprinted. OMG. A cop, some animal with germs, maybe even a POC, God forbid a fat, homely woman and a POC, could take his hands and smear them with ink and he can’t say no.

Any arrest and processing of Mr. Trump would probably combine the routine steps that every defendant experiences — fingerprinting, photographing — with the pomp accorded to a former president, whose every move is attended by the U.S. Secret Service.

It is unclear what kinds of accommodations Mr. Trump would receive. It is standard for defendants arrested on felony charges to be handcuffed, but an exception could be made. As he awaits his court appearance, it is possible that for security reasons, he will be detained in an interview room or another confined area, rather than in a holding cell. And after Mr. Trump is arraigned, he will almost certainly be released without spending any time behind bars, because the indictment is likely to contain only nonviolent felony charges.

This all sounds plausible. Trump will most likely be detained in a holding cell for a short while and we will be deprived the image of him in handcuffs, but we should get to see the mugshot. Talk about going viral. I believe that the Mona Lisa is the most photographed, most famous image but let’s wait until we get a mugshot of Donald Trump to compare, shall we?

It’s a shame we’ll not see him perp walked in handcuffs. But sufficient unto the day is the fact that Trump will be wetting his pants at even this close an encounter with the reality of the legal system that he has defied and avoided grappling with his entire life.

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  1. What he is REALLY afraid of is you and me learning what his REAL HEIGHT and WEIGHT are! The world will find out he really IS an old, FAT slob.

    • If they photograph him without lifts in his shoes, he’s probably 5’10” and his weight is probably around 350, I would speculate.

    • The rest of us already knew he was a fat,,not terribly tall, ugly man with a lot less money than he claims b-day boy true of New Yorkers who have loathed him.for decades.

  2. Sadly, long ago scanners became standard equipment for taking fingerprints. A person’s fingers, then thumb are gently pressed onto a small piece of glass and an image is scanned and recorded. The best part about these things is right then and there if a print isn’t usable and needs to be redone the scanner rejects it/them and they do it again. Beats the hell out of the old days with inked cards that got sent in only to have them sent back with a “take this person’s prints again” letter. Worse, those letters never said specifically which finger’s prints were unuseable! So you had to do the whole fucking thing again and sometimes it would again get kicked back.

    So, unless the scanner breaks down (all of them – I’m sure in a place like where Trump will be they have multiple ones) Trump won’t suffer the indignity of getting ink on his fingers. But boy it would be nice it all the scanners DID “break down” & they have to go old-school. And I’m not talking about the modernish ink pads they that were common by the time I was rolling people’s prints. Nope. I’m talking really old-school – the old blotter where they’d slop some ink on it and use a roller to spread it. I had my own prints taken that way once (applying for a job) and that shit is really tough to wash off. Now THAT would be a sight to see, Trump on the courthouse steps waving around his tiny hands with ink still on them. You can scrub and scrub with soap and water but that shit doesn’t come all the way off for a day or two!

    • You are breaking my heart, but unfortunately you’re right. I remember some complete doofus at the DMV taking my fingerprints when I became a notary. This dummy rolled my finger back and forth. I thought it was weird. All of them were completely unusable and I had to go back and do it all over again.

  3. I do wish someone could interview him and ask him to explain why he feels he’s facing “political prosecution” and how that differs from his constant 2016 calls to “lock [Hillary] up?”

  4. Well up until it actually happens Trump has never officially had his fingerprints on anything. He’s lived his whole life without being identified as the problem or the cause. Hopefully now he will be and right soon!

  5. I think all 3 or 4 indictments should come down on the same day, or during the same week. And what about the secret service ? Where are their initial loyalties? To the U.S. Constitution or to tRump?

      • Yes, but his SS guards actually seem to have requested the duty out of loyalty. And Biden didn’t trust the leftover protection detail enough to.use them, and requested he be assigned the ones who were his VP. I think that was a smart move.

  6. LOL Ursula, you watch too many crime dramas. They don’t use ink for fingerprinting anymore.
    Unless a real Podunk station, the person wraps their hand around a vertical bar and the prints are digitized. It would be nice if they also forced him to submit to a cheek swab for DNA.

  7. The secret service told him which day. There weee reports law enforcement met to discuss the surrender. The secret service are Trumps primary protection. The secret service were likely told which day Trump needs to surrender himself so the secret service can ensure that the place where Trump surrenders himself is safe. God forbid one of Deathsantis’ looney bird supporters takes a shot at tantrumthinskin when tantrumthinskin incites violence in his name. Any other person in the US would have gotten a visit from law enforcement had they made that same comment regarding our imminent arrest. That ass Dershowitz WAS correct when he said there’s a special justice system for Trump. Tantrumthinskin is upset b/c he isn’t getting absolute special treatment he thinks he’s entitled to. He should have been arrested when the first insurrectionists went thru the barrier. The MAGA politicians that went to ‘stop the steal’ meetings should have been arrested the moment they stepped out of the first meeting. The fact they weren’t demonstrates there are 4 clear levels in the US justice system. 1 for politicians & wealthy people, 1 for Donald J Trump, 1 for white people and 1 for nonwhite people.


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