First of all, I’m in the school of thought that says that Donald Trump huffing and puffing on Truth Social about how his followers are going to blow our house down is a lot of hooey. I don’t think the MAGAs are going to organize and charge, except in Trump’s brain. That said, there is a great deal of wisdom to the adage better safe than sorry.

Apparently the forces that be in New York City feel the same way.

Now here is another way of looking at things. It is possible that there’s a sea change about to occur in the multiple prosecutions that Trump is involved in and that he’s about to receive criminal charges on multiple fronts. If that’s the case, who knows what Trump is going to try to stir up and certainly a show of preparedness on the part of NYPD is a way to keep the peace.

Very simply, the District Attorney’s case is not a weak one. It may not be as serious as murder one, but that doesn’t make it weak. That point has been clearly established.

Here’s what played on Morning Joe, while Fox News was playing an interview with Trump’s attorney, Joe Tacopina.

Tacopina is saying, “He didn’t do anything wrong, let alone a crime,” and his rationale for the case going forward in Manhattan is that people hate Trump. Yes, people do. But being hated isn’t a crime on the books, whereas falsification of business records is. Point being, the fact that these narratives are playing side by side on MSM and right-wing media tells you a lot.

Meanwhile, Trump may be facing RICO charges in Georgia. More on that in another post.

It’s going to be quite a week. It’s only Monday morning and things are moving and shaking. And don’t forget, Saturday Trump officially launches his 2024 campaign in Whacko Waco, Texas.

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