Stop whatever you’re doing for just a minute and listen to this. This will brighten your day. Donald Trump had a rally in the Bronx today. We reported earlier that both Andrew Giuliani and Fox News were claiming that Trump would do a Reagan and New York would vote for him in 2024. Not these New Yorkers here. And I don’t think that many New Yorkers anywhere, beyond George Santos, Giuliani and a few other card carrying GOP freaks, will vote for Trump.

In full disclosure, a self-described “conservative” down thread says this “is an old, old tape.” Perhaps it is. If that’s the case, then I want to say the sentiment has not changed. New Yorkers did not, I repeat, not, turn out in droves for Donald Trump today. That is a fact. No more than 3,500 people showed up and that’s including anti-Trump protesters.

The two K-9 officers watched their dogs sniff the grass just south of the Crotona Park stomping ground for Trump and the crowds who gathered to both to support his campaign and to protest his presence.

The officer informed her partner of a report she received from the NYPD’s aviation team, whose helicopters could be seen hovering over Trump’s presidential rally.

The news: Aviation estimated about 3,500 people were at the MAGA rally.

Replied her partner, with surprise “That’s it?”

The crowds who gathered in the park were not limited to Trump supporters but included large groups of protesters who expressed outrage at the former resident protesting in their borough.

And of course Trump claimed how thousands of people were outside trying to get in. There were also people inside trying to get out.

“Trump’s rally had a max capacity limit, so maybe a thousand are still outside the Secret Service perimeter more than an hour later — though a steady stream of people is now entering… to replace the steady stream of people leaving,” he said.

@JBellSATX replied, “Tiny crowd. People waking out while he’s talking. Hilarious.”

@ShoutingDstnce also chimed in on the issue: “Max capacity limit is 2,300. And Trump still pays for people to attend his rallies on Craigslist.”

Now, are you in the mood for Alternative Facts? Holy Kellyanne Conway, Batman! Have we got some wild numbers for you!

And here’s Jesse Watters pushing the Big Fantasy. Or Big Lie II, but right now it’s in the Big Fantasy stages. Watters wants you to know that Amurikkka is so outraged that Trumpty Dumpty was kept in the “icebox” that they’re out there in droves. Righto.

Now it’s grown from 25K to 30K — in minutes! That’s how things work in Trump world! Let’s end with this.

Let’s wait a few hours and see that crowd size swell to 40K, shall we?

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