Lauren Boebert is like the moon, she’s not only a lunatic, her cycles of behavior are predictable. #LaurenBoebertIsSoDumb trends with so much regularity that you can more or less depend upon seeing it at least once every couple of weeks anymore. She may win some kind of a Twitter award for that.

Her latest show stopper is this. Note: what isn’t factually inaccurate is illiterate. She’s batting a thousand.

What’s that you say? WTF is “enlies?” Don’t ask us. But the Urban Dictionary people are very quick on the uptake and here’s what they said.

Now you know what I’m going to tell you, right? Altogether now, class: IT GETS WORSE! Thank you! This is a denizen of Trump world we’re dealing with, one of his chief sycophants. Here’s what she just published as a means of getting herself out of this mess.

There you have it, friends, straight from the horse’s mouth. What she does on her knees is her strongest suit. We figured that, Lauren. Thank you for confirming our suspicions.

Meanwhile, here is a sampling of the love notes that caused Boebert’s above response. Twitter can be cold.

Now this is my personal favorite. It was not up long, because somebody told her to delete it.

She’s getting ripped up on Twitter right now, but I have zero sympathy, because she doesn’t know when to quit. She just keeps digging her hole deeper and deeper. I sincerely hope that her constituents will put her, us, and them out of our collective misery and vote this woman OUT in 2022. Please, Colorado. Do the right thing.

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  1. That tweet with her quote about being strongest on her knees with that particular picture is something a guy could never get away with putting up. And yes, it’s misogynistic of me to comment but I can’t resist. I’ve seen some of that series Yellowstone, and I recall a scene where the gal who plays Costner’s daughter is trying to teach a teen she’s taken pity on. She met him at the hospital as his dad was dying (drug abuse) and he literally became an orphan. (It was in a later episode when she agreed to take him in – and he pissed her off when she took him shopping for new jeans and boots) As they are driving she earnestly tells him there are only four ways to get rich. First is to inherit it which she points out ain’t happening in his case. Second is to steal it and again she points out he’s not got what it takes for that. Then she gets to number three, which is to work really fucking hard. To learn some, fail some and learn more and don’t let anyone outwork you. Ever. The kid listens seriously to the whole thing. Then asks the obvious question which is what’s number four? Her reply is learn to suck a dick like your car keys are in there! I’m not saying Bobblehead did number four, but from what I gather she made her living by establishing a restaurant that was basically a version of Hooters with the waitresses packing guns as they served customers.

  2. I wonder why her 2nd Amendment tweet was deleted? Perhaps because the right-wing Supreme Court basically removed that whole “well regulated militia” bit a few years ago and her NRA masters (or whatever group has supplanted the NRA) told her to remove it? (The NRA itself had spent most of the 21st Century ignoring the “militia” bit in all their promotions. T-shirts, coffee cups, bumper stickers–pretty much anything put out by the NRA all started off with the “right of the people” bit, usually not even including an introductory ellipsis to indicate there was anything before it.)

    I mean, okay, the tweet itself was factually incorrect (as far as the 1776 bit) but I didn’t realize “factual incorrectness” would lead to deletion. And if *she* deleted it, it would certainly be nice to know what made her do it.

  3. Well with that mouth and her strong point being on her knees. She could do well. Of course not sure that course of action would go with strong Christian values unless she gets under the podium at the next meeting of her church. The priest would appreciate a strong oral argument.


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