How squirrely can this get? We don’t know, we’re just going to follow it one step at a time and see how it shapes up. You saw already this morning how Donald Trump has denounced Mitch McConnell as the leader of the Republican party. So if Mitch isn’t running the show, who is? Donald?

We do know that Trump is busy like a little bee down in the peach tree state, shuffling candidates around like they were figures on a chess board — which they are in Trump’s mind. They’re all mere pawns in some mad tournament and he’s the king, gliding along in the background, protected by one and all. He thinks.

But there are waves in the water. This Vernon Jones shift is not going over well.

When you’re too screwed up to merit Wendy Rogers’ endorsement, you must really be a piece of work. Rogers is giving Trump a pass here, agree to disagree,

Here is Trump’s glowing endorsement of the aforementioned candidate with a rap sheet a mile long.

Interesting facts about this video:

  1. Trump really feels it’s necessary to say who he is?
  2. Or maybe he just wanted to say “president” in front of his name because it sounds so good;
  3. When do you suppose Vernon Jones became a Perdue supporter? Five minutes ago? Ten?
  4. Did Trump use his hair spray on the flags for some reason? They’re not looking normal.
  5. Or, maybe the flags are worried that Trump will hug them and they’re stiffening up as a protective device, you know, kinda like a porcupine?


And Vernon Jones isn’t the only crook who’s running for office in Georgia.

Perdue is walking around these days wearing the same kind of down vest that Glenn Youngkin wore while campaigning, evidently thinking it’s a talisman. Maybe it is.

Georgia is still ground zero in the political universe. Keep your eyes on it. It may tell the tale for other parts of the country.

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