Do you get the feeling that Wingnuttia is about to blow a gasket? And one of Vesuviun proportions, at that? There’s an undercurrent of frenzy the past few days as the Arizona audit comes unglued and Trump resumes stumping on his favorite topic, how he wuz robbed of the White House.

This beats all.

And apparently everybody is going along with the gag.

Both the Carters and their house are 80% scale. Darn, we sure got caught on this one!

Indeed it is there.

There are a couple of conclusions were can immediately reach:

  1. The kool-aide is stronger these days;
  2. The Onion writers have all gone to work for Tyler Perry;
  3. Fox News is in on this, too. Which none of the right-wingnuts would dispute, they’re very disenchanted with Fox News these days.
  4. Things are going to get crazier, still. That much we have seen and we can be certain of.


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  1. They used to say the only sure things were death and taxes. We now know that even taxes aren’t certain if you’re rich, and have the right combination of ruthlessness, entitlement and savvy in hiring tax lawyers. So I developed belief that only death was certain. Every living thing, including all of us will die eventually. It’s a natural part of the life cycle. Death (hopefully long from now) is certain for us all. The only universal, unchangeable truth.

    But I’m starting to think that #4 is as certain as death, at least within a significant portion of the human species including here in the U.S. Bat-shit craziness is part of our fabric and it’s been around for as long back as you care to look. Only now it’s like an invasive plant or animal species that can only at best be controlled. Never eradicated and not even pushed back all that much – once established it’s forever part of the environment.

    Now, our politics and daily lives are so polluted by this bat-shittery that the Overton Window has shifted. The new crowd out there leading the charge and pouring gasoline on the flames are existing somewhere INSIDE the actual looking glass – neither outside or through it but trapped in it. And within THAT space somewhere between the three dimensions and some fourth one!

    As Yoda would say: “Strong is the self-delusional Force in these ones!”

    • I think there have always been crazies. It’s just that in the last 15 years, it’s become much easier for them to communicate with other crazies, and that network is much more noticeable and much more powerful than the local-level stuff we used to deal with.

      • The social media that modern telecommunications has wrought is a double-edged sword. When I was young infiltrating groups like the Klan and more extreme militias relied pretty much exclusively on actual people spending months or even years worming their way into things. Some of that is still necessary but with so much of the communications taking place online infiltration and actual record gathering can take place more quickly. Except that laws haven’t been updated and doing THAT requires addressing some very real privacy concerns. The proverbial law of unintended consequences is just sitting there waiting for a chance to rear its ugly head.

        Striking the right balance takes wiser people with far greater understanding of technical stuff, and frankly legal matters and investigative techniques than I possess. Some serious ass expertise is required, and few of the people who would actually write and pass the laws or even set the policies at DOJ or the state level have it.

    • It’s like someone somewhere, has figured out how to harvest bushels of Poison Ivy, transplant it into the back yards of us, Normal folks, who must face the arduous task of elimination … the folks with all the money have dropped a number of these poisonous people into the GOP.

      It is tough to realize how much freedom they seem to have to display their stupidity daily without getting corralled into a loony bin or just a building with many doors …

      The combination of unhinged CT and the apparently low bar of being a Trumpist, climbing up into the Nation’s Capitol building makes for a thin ice dance arena for a lot of well-known GOP stars, if my more shallow memory is still right, it seems that MTG brought a camera crew to the Capitol for a tour, and even posted her stunt, they were finding all the offices and THAT would be a great planning aid for those charging through the Capitol windows and hallways …

  2. I lived in GA for 12 of the last 19 years. Craziness(by New England standards; even most of our Rs would be considered radical leftists down Sourh) is normal.
    My in-laws included:
    The anti-vaxxing, homeschooling, science denying, young earth creationist Niece From.He’ll fired fro. A Pre-K. by her own grandmother
    The FiL who wept in the phone when Scalia died(we opened champagne)
    The MiL who believed Revelation would unfold as,written, including the dragon,the anti-Christ,and 7 bowls (decent lady but anything a preacher told her was believed no matter how ludicrous)
    The SiL who is sure she is smarter than everyone else because she attended the 246th best college in the South and graduated me since she learned that two.master’s is the financial.equivalent of all but doctoral dissertation in her school.system.
    The sweet (really)kind BiL who referred to his son”a a Goth Satanist because he dyed his hair blue.
    The oldest niece,a nurse practicioner,,who is simply a%$@-%#@ and lost her license because she had a,FYI at 18.

    In other words,GAia too small a co U try and too.big for an asylum. Just build a fence around the South,but include KY,Arkansas,,Texas,and Oklahoma,and never let the inhabitants escape. They would have to come off as relatively sane on the MMPD to be allowed to.leave. All bets,are off of they are conservative evangelicals because insanity helps if you attend an evangelical church,,especially a nondenominational megachurch

    That was satire in case no one,recognizes it.


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