The Washington Post reported late Thursday night that Homeland Security Inspector General Joseph V. Cuffari has known since late February of this year that phone texts of Trump’s Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf and his Deputy Ken Cuccinelli were deleted in the same “phone reset” as those of Secret Service agents detailed to the former shit President, and that Cuffari failed to notify Congress of these developments until mid July.

Homeland Security has purview over the Secret Service of course, so it really is not much of a surprise that its head guy, Chad Wolf, one of Trump’s favorite “acting” officials, might have had embarrassing evidence related to January 6th on his phone.

Wolf, you might remember was the architect of the “family separation” policy implemented by former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. Nielsen, perhaps inevitably, clashed with Trump, and her resignation in April of 2019 cleared the way for Wolf’s eventual elevation to the role of DHS “acting” Secretary.

From WaPo:

“The telephone and text communications of Wolf and Cuccinelli in the days leading up to Jan. 6 could have shed considerable light on Trump’s actions and plans. In the weeks before the attack on the Capitol, Trump had been pressuring both men to help him claim the 2020 election results were rigged and even to seize voting machines in key swing states to try to “re-run” the election.

“It is extremely troubling that the issue of deleted text messages related to the January 6 attack on the Capitol is not limited to the Secret Service, but also includes Chad Wolf and Ken Cuccinelli, who were running DHS at the time,” House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie G. Thompson said in a statement.

“It appears the DHS Inspector General has known about these deleted texts for months but failed to notify Congress,” Thompson said. “If the Inspector General had informed Congress, we may have been able to get better records from Senior administration officials regarding one of the most tragic days in our democracy’s history.”

So, it seems to this reporter, Trump, having failed to enlist the military in his scheme to subvert democracy by seizing voting machines and initiating a “do-over” of the election turned to his Department of Homeland Security, who, after all, had been so good at locking up migrant kids, to do this particular bit of dirty work for him.

How Wolf and Cuccinelli reacted to this ask, and indeed the words of der Gropinfuhrer himself in making it, seem quite likely to be the contents of the deleted messages, which DHS IG Cuffari would have us believe are irretrievably lost somewhere outside the space time continuum, but which many think are subject to recovery.

Be that as it may it is time to get Wolf, Cuccinelli and Cuffari under oath and find out what they know.

“The discovery of missing records for the top officials running the Department of Homeland Security during the final days of the Trump administration raises new questions about what could have been learned, and also about what other text messages and evidence the department and other agencies may have erased, in apparent violation of the Federal Records Act.”

The seminal question of the January 6th investigation may well become:

“What did you know and when did you erase it?”

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  1. It is past time for the panicked experiment brought into being after 9/11, known as the Department Of Homeland Security, be disbanded and it’s constituent parts returned to where they came from. After all none of the constituent parts then seperated before 9/11 weren’t worsened by corruption and malfeasance but the current DHS certainly is.

    • New suggested law: you delete you past texts, email or any documents owned by taxpayers and you immediately loose your paycheck, future retirement and social security checks and go directly to prison.

  2. I am.past disgusted. These criminals nerd a lot of jail time. They and Trump will look.lovely in orange jumpsuits. They will.match Fat Donor’s hair.

  3. Ahhh…the Law…Wonder how many pot smokers, & daddys without money to pay child support have been locked up since 1/6. Tens of thousands. Is the system corrupt? You tell me.

  4. Its time for some of those temps to go to prison for a long time. Destroying evidence makes you an accomplice. Which is worse? Murder or trying to overthrow the government while financed by putin?

  5. …….just another reason to end another failed republiCLOWN idealism. Fascism under cover of “homeland security”… By the way, surely dhs can demand no respect, afterall they add about as much to our government as the gespatcho did to hitler.

  6. I wonder if any of the US security people has thought of contacting the Brit GCHQ who make a routine habit of snooping on everyone, everywhere.

    I recall someone a long time back claiming that, as the Brit SIS weren’t allowed to do any domestic snooping without a warrant and the CIA were under the same restrictions, GCHQ passed on their US intercepts and the CIA reciprocated with their Brit ones

    • Good idea. I have to believe that somewhere out there is access to this ‘deleted’ info. Nothing ever goes totally away, and there have to be experts, even hackers who could get it back somehow. I keep hoping. I think there must be important info there for the SS to get rid of it and we need to know what it is.


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