Maybe Mike Lindell and his cronies should take a few moments to review the old Jim Crow laws of the south and see how Black people were intimidated and kept from voting, even in counties where they were the ethnic majority. Lindell seems to have a particular fascination with Colorado. Members of a group tied to him, the United States Election Integrity Plan were sending volunteers door to door to interrogate voters about how they cast their vote in the 2020 election. AboveTheLaw:

Mike Lindell has taken time out of copulating with that 2020 election chicken twelve hours a day to make time for a new chick. He and his money are now getting frisky with the 2022 election via a new outlet called the U.S. Election Integrity Plan.

USEIP aims to enlist citizens to patrol their own communities for the vote fraud they are convinced is running rampant and was determinative in the last presidential election, despite ample evidence to the contrary.

“The Republic is at stake if we don’t first fix our elections. It’s up to us to create change at the local level,” reads the group’s website. “Now, We Are The Plan.”

We are the plan. If that sounds like “We Are the Storm,” well, it should. This is all QAnon related, naturally.

USEIP and its leadership has been linked to supporters of the Qanon conspiracy theory. It could be a coincidence that their website echoes the Qanon motto “We are the storm.” Or not.

USEIP has dispatched cadres of armed agents to harass Colorado voters, particularly in minority communities, according to a federal lawsuit flagged by Salon. The NAACP, League of Women Voters of Colorado, and Mi Familia Vota allege that USEIP is engaged in a “door-to-door voter intimidation campaign … often targeting high-density housing, communities experiencing growth among racial minority voters, and communities in which a high percentage of voters supported Democratic candidates in the 2020 election.”

Sometimes armed and donning badges to present an appearance of government officiality [sic], USEIP agents interrogate voters about their addresses, whether they participated in the 2020 election, and—if so—how they cast their vote. It is reported that multiple agents have claimed to be from “the county,” and have, without any evidence, falsely accused the residents of casting fraudulent ballots.

According to the plaintiffs, armed USEIP representatives are fanning out to take pictures of voters homes and accuse them of committing election fraud, both of which are “particularly intimidating for Black and Latino voters because of the extensive history in these communities of frequently violent, voter intimidation and vigilante interference in their own homes.”

This is starting to get ugly. This is baseless harassment. The story goes on to say,

The case is not yet assigned to a judge, as of this writing. But even if it goes absolutely nowhere, it’s a useful sign of what’s coming in the next seven months. Because Lindell may be a charlatan who files hilariously inept lawsuits — or promises for months to file them, and then doesn’t — but his passion project is the destruction of American democracy, and he’s got an apparently inexhaustible pile of cash to throw at it.

Maybe it’s time for Dominion Voting Systems to relieve him of a bit of that cash. This vanity project of Lindell’s may be geared to keep him relevant and that may be the purpose of it, but there are offshoots of the Big Lie which are very ominous and the group described here is one of them. Nothing good can come of this.

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  1. (a) it’s none of their business who people voted for in 2020
    (b) it’s March 2022 and the 2020 election was over, a year ago
    (c) it’s not legally possible to decertify and re-run an election

    • (d) Even if actual government agents come knocking, you don’t have to tell them how you voted! And if I catch someone taking pictures of my house, or they knock on my door, the police will immediately be called! Here at least you need a city permit to go door to door, no matter what for.

  2. I wish some of these ass-holes would come knocking on my door: they’d be looking down the barrel of one of my firearms shitting themselves.


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