Pathetic is as pathetic does. It was assured that Mike Lindell was going to start bouncing off the walls when pundits and late night talk show hosts, Jimmy Kimmel in particular, began taking him to task for his ridiculous comment last week about having enough “evidence” to send 300 million Americans to the House of Many Doors for life.

This week he’s denying it. The only problem with that is that this wasn’t “pillow talk” to his girlfriend when the comment was made, this was out there on camera. And the camera never forgets.

But somehow Lindell forgets something that basic. And next week he’ll be denying this took place. And so it goes.

Nobody can figure out what he’s talking about and that’s because it changes from moment to moment.

There are two standards for crazy people in this country. If you’re rich and crazy and you can get on TV, you can become a cultural icon. If you’re poor and crazy they lock you up and throw away the key.


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  1. I don’t think he has actually realised that if the entire adult population gets locked up, he’s included – but then misery loves company.
    Maybe he’ll be allowed to share a cell with the Trump family. I don’t think there are 300 million rooms in the entire US penal system so packing cells with large numbers would be the only option (or set up a tent

  2. Pathetic truly is the correct adjective for Lindell. Surely, he is too far off the rails for even OAN. If he wants to blow his money, I and the 300 million he wants to incarcerate are more than willing to help him spend it.


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