Sorta kinda makes you wonder what’s going on in the Mitch McConnell/Elaine Chao residence. Elaine, or “CoCo” as some of her admirers call her, was Chinese last we know. Which makes her a different race from her hubby Mitch.

Yet Mitch just did a “no” vote on same sex and interracial marriage.

This is in a day and age when even the Mormons are okay with this. Rattle that around your skull for a few minutes.

The reason this vote keeps coming up is because the backward Republicans (yes I know that was a redundancy, bear with me) choose to keep the idea alive that gay marriage is a chosen perversion rather than the fact that homosexuality exists in nature and some percentage of the population is born that way.

It’s a shame that Lindsey Graham can’t come forward and share these views, because that might actually have some credibility and some clout but Lindseed doesn’t see it that way. And maybe he’s not gay. Maybe he’s just a-sexual. That is a normal variant in human kind as well.

And I wonder what they’re thinking over at the home of Clarence and Ginni Thomas?

Or do these people think at all? Beats the hell out of me.

There were 36 “no” votes, which in a chamber of 100 people is quite a solid percentage. I guess 1/3 of the country needs to be backwards and crazy. That’s supposedly the same percentage of Republicans who support Trump in his MAGA cult.

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  1. Yertle is a rich and powerful conservative. People in this category have “Ok for me – but not for thee” in their DNA. So don’t worry about him and “Coco.” As far as they are concerned special rules for them are a birthright. Same with ole Clarence and Ginni.

    • Once again, the Turtle, plus enough assholes vote for something, like anti-abortionists, where the government, the one that houses infantile GOP members as well, wants to control every aspect of a citizen’s very personal life …

      I have a suggestion, every GOP member OR a supporter of them, that enjoys a marriage that fits these, “brackets”, be sent a notice of the, “GOP’s new plan, to dissolve all marriages like theirs and they should be making plans now to comply with McConnell’s strict rules”,.

      Along with that notice, provide all personal phone numbers for McConnell, office, mobile, of course HOME …

      These notices to be sent to EVERY GOP member in Congress, House-Senate in a flood, “To prevent personal relationships being revealed to the public”, …

      Hand carried deliveries to McConnell’s wife and Clarence Thomas’s wife …

      The disrespect to the citizens of these United States and their personal beliefs and their loved ones is in resemblance to the power and idiocy of the Hitler Era, no choices available, or alternate procedures, flat statements of the iron hand of the Nazi enforcers …

      Scary things, these saber-rattling Republicans are blathering about now …

  2. Totally apart from the moral aspect, I just can’t begin to imagine how people think enforcement of a ban on “interracial” marriage would actually work in practice in the modern world. I mean, first we’d have to codify the various races, and then we’d need some sort of Race Panel to adjudicate disputes. Could a Mexican immigrant’s son marry a Venezuelan immigrant’s daughter? What if they both had a Finnish grandparent?

  3. 36 yahoos voted against interracial marriage? Are you fucking kidding me? Are they in states so full of fucking morons they feel safe? Un-fucking-believable. Right now in our society, even a vote against gay marriage is fucking asinine and reactionary. A vote against interracial marriage goes well beyond asinine.

    I suggest the people of this country, the non-moronic ones, remember this and vote accordingly.

  4. Trying not to let this story put fear in me – when you think about it they’re saying f*** you to a whole lot of the country! There are so many mixed kids where I live, it’s amazing. Same with gay couples, they’re everywhere but MF’s think they can legislate the out of existence or something? Their hearts must be seriously cold.


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