For the second time in just the last few days Conservative Political Action Conference(CPAC) founder and alleged uninvited junk-grabber Matt Schlapp was brutally checked by Twitterers who were decidedly not having any of his BS. This morning the beat down was occasioned by Schlapp posting about a possibly wine induced fever dream he had while sharing a meal with his beard…er… wife Mercedes in a “fancy” D.C. restaurant. Matt was undoubtedly hallucinating during this episode, as it allegedly happened in one of the nation’s most heavily Democratic voter rich districts… unless of course Matt failed to disclose that his fellow CPAC members had commandeered the joint:

But first…

…as I said up top this is actually the second time this week that Schlapp was viciously (and humorously) corrected on Twitter/X, the first time coming just a couple of days ago when he thought to mock the reporter who was most responsible for exposing his sexual assault on a young Herschel Walker staffer in 2023, Roger Sollenberger, for losing his position at the reconstituting Daily Beast:

Raw Story

“CPAC boss Matt Schlapp taunted a reporter at The Daily Beast on Thursday amid news of mass layoffs at the publication — but the reporter was quick to hit back hard.

In a tweet posted on Thursday evening, Schlapp reacted to reports of layoffs at The Daily Beast by writing, “Life’s a real b—h” before tagging senior political reporter Roger Sollenberger.

Sollenberger, who has written extensively on sexual misconduct claims leveled against Schlapp, responded by dropping hints about further scandals that he had yet to officially report.“

Oops, guess that didn’t go well…



But, back to this morning’s schlapping:

Yeah. When was MAGA quiet about anything?







Except Canadian boyfriends do exist.




Nice try, but another no go, Matt.

Some boomers should just stay TF off of Social Media…

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  1. Change “Boomer” to “Trrumper” and you have it right. I was born in 1949. Most of my friends are 60+, and we are die-hard liberals who would write in ” Mickey Mouse ” if a conservative were the only person. In fact, I did just that in GA,where many offices only had a GOP candidate running unopposed. My just as more creative. He wrote in Boris and Natasha and the whole cast of Looney Tunes.

  2. Sorry, as all the happened an eon ago.. I had to look it up… HERE is the good piece
    on the PAYOFF.. ICYMI… Matt Schlapp paid off his male sexual assault accuser.
    FROM PIECE: At the time of the alleged assault, Huffman was working for the Georgia GOP and Republican Herschel Walker’s Senate campaign. Huffman told CNN that Schlapp made unwanted sexual advances, including groping and fondling his groin without consent, on the ride back from two Atlanta-area bars on October 19, 2022. Schlapp then allegedly invited Huffman, who was assigned to drive the ACU chairman, to join him in his hotel room. Huffman said he had declined the offer, and hours later reported the incident to senior campaign staff.


    The Republican operative who accused American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp of sexual assault last year received a significant financial settlement in exchange for dropping his lawsuit against Schlapp, multiple sources familiar with the case told CNN.

    The $480,000 settlement was paid to Carlton Huffman through an insurance policy, according to a source familiar with the details. Schlapp’s legal team did not respond for comment when asked about the financial settlement, but on Tuesday said that Huffman dropped the lawsuit


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