We know that lemmings willingly walk up to the cliffs and throw themselves to their doom but do they have impeachment managers, we wonder? Because that might be the one and only thing that distinguishes them from the GOP. I can’t wait to see Marge Greene and Clay Higgins serving as prosecutors, presentingย  opening and closing statements and evidence to the Senate, constitutional scholars as they are. This is going to be one for the books. Meidas Touch:

Higgins was last seen posting a threat to Judge Engoron right before the Super Bowl using a depiction of a hit man from the Godfather, and Marge Greene is, well, Marge Greene. Enough said.

Of course, what seems a likely scenario is that Senator Schumer calls an immediate motion to dismiss the impeachment case with an up and down vote before there is any trial. It seems pretty clear that Mitch McConnell and Senate Republican leadership want no part of this clown show, and won’t put up much of a fight.

Which will leave poor Marge and Clay all dressed up with nothing to do. I’m sure we may hear from them on the steps of the Senate about that when its over.

This is going to be a short lived victory, if it can be construed as that. It’s an episode of Political Theatre but not a very original or interesting one.

Let’s be sure to tune in and see who blows a gasket first.ย And be sure to call everybody “nasty commies, Marge.” Dear Lord, we have Martha Mitchell crossed with Joe McCarthy. Live and in living color, in the era of Trump.

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  1. Awww come on Chuck! Have some pity. The circus doesn’t come to town very often. Why won’t you let the rest of us see the clown show?

  2. Oh Higher Order, I beseech thou, please endure these two have their individual and collective petards within effective proximity. Theyโ€™re that arrogantly stupid they couldnโ€™t possibly secure that aim without competent guidance!

  3. Senate republican leadership and senate republicans will not stand for this shit-show UNLESS the mango moron orders them which could very well happen. Regardless, they’re in the minority and have risked being an even smaller minority listening to dingleberry on the immigration bill. That bit of political hypocrisy will, if dems make great use of it, put nails in the coffins of several senators. Can we say “good bye and good riddance to the filibuster? If not, can we at least wave bye-bye to the ‘pubes being able to filibuster because their numbers do not allow for it? My word I hope so. The clown car of rectums has been going on since that idiot newt became squeaker and has grown worse over the years.

  4. alternate caption for photo: Marge – yes, I am just a little drunk. wanna make out? clay, apparently listening to debate in the house – I don’t understand what any of this means. if I sit here and look serious maybe no one will notice that I don’t know what’s going on. oh God, now I have to pee.

  5. Let’s see. What happened the last two times the House impeached someone and it went to the Senate?
    Um, the last time, the Senate’s leader refused to allow the articles even be presented. And the time before that, as I recall, the Senate’s leader actually stated that “Everything I do during this I’m coordinating with the White House counsel. There will be no difference between the president’s position and [ours]” and later, said leader refused to allow witnesses to be called.
    So, this go around, Chuck Schumer has a little thing called “precedent” as to whether to even allow Mrs Ed and her intellectually challenged cohorts to set foot on the Senate floor.


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