Kakistocracy: “Government by the least suited, least competent members of a state.” 

When did we all fall asleep? It must have been some time ago. What I remember personally is being lulled into a liberal stupor by eight years of Obama, after the anxiety producing tightrope walk of eight years of George W. Bush. I was amazed we got out of that in as good a shape as we did.

So, yes, the election of Donald Trump was a wake up call in the form of ice water in the face at 3:00 a.m. But he didn’t get there alone. None of them do, not Hitler, not Mussolini, none of them. What keeps coming out, over and over again, as we examine the Capitol Riot, is the utter corruption of not only Trump but the GOP who adopted him. And it is deep. New information is now coming out about Mark Meadows and how he utterly flouted all previous conventions that were observed by other presidential chiefs of staff.

Hit the blue hot link in the middle of the tweets and go to page 147. (The material can’t be cut and pasted from this level of software, or I would do so.)

You’ll see that Mark Meadows copied binders of documents, ostensibly earmarked for Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell. They never received the binders. (p. 147, ln. 19) But a couple of right-wing media trolls, Jon Solomon and Mollie Hemingway, did.

Solomon and Hemingway don’t have the security clearances to read classified documents, most people don’t. But Meadows either doesn’t care that it was a crime to give out classified documents or he’s too stupid to know it was a crime. Sorry, Mark. Ignorance of the law is no defense. And it is particularly indefensible that a White House chief of staff would not know something this basic.

Now let me tell you where I think this might be going and oh, do I hope I’m right: Mark Meadows might flip on Trump, in order to get himself some kind of a plea deal from Jack Smith. I find that very plausible, on these facts.

And you know how I have stated ad nauseum: Meadows is the linchpin to understanding the Capitol Riot and Meadows is not going to go to prison for Donald Trump. Those are my core beliefs. I hope I see them bear fruit.

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  1. Maybe this is why he can commit obvious voter fraud in NC and the only sound you hear is crickets. Good thing he wasn’t poor, black or both, or they’d have to interview him in the county jail. Cue up the excuses for inequal justice under the law.

  2. I have been looking for news on him copying papers this is the first time I’ve seen anything on this wonder if it getting traction in the media

    • Like I said before. Meidastouch. I know that’s wrong spelling. But they are kicking ass on the news. Texas Paul is awesome. Political Voices Network is good also. That’s the two main ones. Glenn Kirshner does a lot of videos. Retired Federal prosecutor. Ran the southern district of New York. Has his own channel plus has appeared on others including nationally.

  3. Nevermind about voter fraud charges. The attorney General isn’t bringing charges because they think they’d have trouble proving it. Shocked! Protected by his ‘service’ in DC. You know the service of running a coup attempt. As Satan said in Constantine, “busy busy busy”. Maybe he’ll burn another way. MAYBE!!!

  4. Why rooms full of smoke and mirrors, MUST be a main attraction at Mar-o-Golf … everyone entering must have the invisible tattoo on their wrist that shows up when Trump flashes his ultraviolet cufflinks …

    Loyalty to Trump means you pledge your life to saving his, his miss-begotten dense lack of intelligence lays a blanket of true horror across the country, where over a million people died from the Covid-19 pandemic because of his stupid self-importance that caused him to throw out everything Obama had built for pandemic controls at the CDC, sit on his very ample ass, doing nothing about it until he was told how bad it was and how HE WOULD LOOK to the rest of the world, he highway robbed a shipment of 250,000 masks from Germany …

    His thought was to store them and have states bid on portions of those, in the mean time 1600 doctors and nurses on the front lines died because they could not get PPE’s and so they gave their lives because of Trump’s ignorant miss-management …

    Since he did not know anything about the presidency, somebody finally told him how he could order production of ventilators in this emergency, and he played that one up to the hilt about his brilliance, while he had been sending non-functional ventilators in storage from military warehouse to frontline doctors who, were able to order or make new parts for the old systems at an increase of time to get them into the sick people’s hospitals …

    This totally non-caring ass hole was only interested in his own fame, asked once, he said he didn’t take ANY responsibility for the deaths from the pandemic, writing off a million people or more …

    And he is trying to run for a return to our White House ? I think NOT !!

  5. Thanks for bringing this particular scandal up, Darrel, as it seems to have sunk out of sight, despite the horrific nature of it. Of all Trump’s evil deeds, I think the Covid mess was his worst.
    It proved beyond doubt that he was and is a classic Malignant Narcissistic Sociopath, a form of mental illness which should have rendered him legally unfit for any public office, let alone the presidency. We have the GOP to thank for all his crimes.


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