Nothing like always being in the winners circle in the classless Olympics. Marjorie Taylor Greene was asked to speak to the issue of Stacey Abrams running for governor in Georgia and of course Greene got to the important issues right off the bat: Abrams didn’t wear a mask in a classroom and Abrams is overweight.

The sad truth that somebody should break to Greene is that while Stacey Abrams can lose weight, Greene can never grow any more IQ points, which she desperately needs. Greene is going to be stupid the rest of her life. That’s a lot more of a death sentence than being overweight.

But it was to be expected. This is Greene’s level, politics as sandbox shitposting.

But consider this: maybe we should go along with Greene’s ideas about overweight people running for office. And maybe we should say that they can’t. And that would put her idol Donald Trump out of business really fast, now wouldn’t it?

And it will stay this way. Don’t expect Greene to discuss any actual issues. That’s not what a PR troll does.

Maybe Abrams could start on the gazpacho diet? That’s a very healthy soup to eat, I’m told. Just live on gazpacho, like Greene will live with gazpacho jokes the rest of her life.

And if that doesn’t get you skinny enough, then you can always do liposuction via Jewish space laser. That’s an extremely popular form of surgery these days. Louie Gohmert is in negotiation with people on the other side of the moon to open up a clinic there, before he knocks the moon out of its orbit in order to aid in climate change.

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  1. The fact that this country has such a vile, mindless, fascist hypocrite sitting in congress says fucking volumes about our collective character. We have become a nation of numb, clueless, consumers of whatever shit rolls down. Fuck u people who keep harping that we need to coddle these assholes into understanding. Are YOU stupid or what? They’ve had 240 years to understand their evil. Not gonna happen.

  2. That photo is photoshopped, as has been discussed here before, although . . . .it does totally resemble her trailer trash mentality. Butt ugly and stoooopid. Living in her glass house, she’d do well to stop throwing stones. Just shut it, MTG.

  3. If Marjie Kooky Pants has such a problem with obesity, can she please explain her adulation for former guy? His BMI is about on par with Ms. Abrams.

  4. Physical attributes are only part of what creates beauty. What’s inside a person, their character matters too. Stacey Abrams is in fact beautiful because of who she is. MTG is ugly for the same reason. It was long ago when I was a kid that Flip Wison delivered his “Beauty is only skin deep but ugliness goes all the way to the bone!” line. In MTG’s case the ugliness goes down to the cellular level.

  5. The T in MTG stands for Traitor. She is also a moronic Q-Nut! I would rather be obese! Ms. Abrams can loose weight…but only Covid can fix stupid!

  6. Marjorie…ur suite in Hell is ready. Go ahead with early checkin. Sorry no guns. We do accept soulless bitches however. U won’t be lonely.


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