Maybe we should just start out with a vote here, will Marge wake up and smell the coffee and stop posting absurd conspiracy theory about COVID-19 and COVID vaccines, or will she just find herself banned from any and all legitimate social media platforms and relegated to the likes of GETTR? Business Insider:

“Facebook has joined Twitter in censoring me. This is beyond censorship of speech. I’m an elected Member of Congress representing over 700,000 US tax paying citizens and I represent their voices, values, defend their freedoms, and protect the Constitution,” Greene wrote.

She continued: “Who appointed Twitter and Facebook to be the authorities of information and misinformation? When Big Tech decides what political speech of elected Members is accepted and what’s not then they are working against our government and against the interest of our people.”

Facebook was not specific about what the offense was, merely that Greene’s post “goes against our standards of misinformation that could cause physical harm.”

Now she and Boebert have something else to talk about.

Say, I just remembered something. Doesn’t Donald Trump have Truth Social coming out any minute now? And it’s going to eclipse both Facebook and Twitter? What’s Marge’s problem?

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  1. Margie Trailer-Trash Gangrene reminds me very much of Cesare (as portrayed by Conrad Veidt) in the German Expressionist silent film Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari: a sleepwalking menace who does what her diabolical master tells her to. As such, she ain’t waking up.

  2. Who raised these people??? Old school military families raised me & LYING WAS THE WORST OFFENSE. Whatever I did, the punishment was much worse if I lied about it. Of course I wasn’t born into privilege & raised in racism worshipping ignorance. Guess that’s the difference.


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