It used to be that political scandals came in different shapes and sizes. One politician would have movie star mistresses stashed away, another one would have an affair with an intern, another would decide he had to break into the DNC headquarters for no damn reason at all. In other words, variety was the spice of life vis a vis political scandals.

Not any more. Nowadays we have but one scandal. It is metal. It has hinges. It puts Pandora’s box to shame.

It is the genie in the bottle, the banshee at the window, the dark at the top of the stairs. Whatever your nemesis is, real or imagined, nothing can eclipse the one-size-fits-all scandal: what else, but Hunter Biden’s laptop? Nobody has a better handle on this than Brent Terhune.

That says it all. My favorite line is, “What do you say when you come home at 4:00 a.m. and your wife says she smells another woman on you?” You intone the mantra, you recite the catechism of all MAGA world, Hunter Biden’s laptop.

It’s been surmised that Hunter Biden intends to sue some of these clowns who have been harassing him and making him into a household name, when he’s neither a celebrity nor an elected official. That could happen and it would be good to see.

Meanwhile, bookmark this clip and play it for the people in your life, friend and foe, reasonable person and MAGA cultist alike. It goes a long ways towards explaining what we are about to see in the new congress sitting in January. Having neither platform nor policy, all they’ve got, pathetically, is Hunter Biden’s laptop.


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  1. I’m still perplexed how someone can swear an oath to the constitution in the swearing in ceremony, YET vote with the violent insurrectionists trying to OVERTHROW the government. Geez…think the LAW has a problem when it allows institutional hypocrisy to be backed by the threat of force? And we wonder why we are where we are. Fuck the common good, the true purpose of having rules backed by guns. Nope. It’s a click. Always has been and it has done incalculable evil while pretending otherwise. Wasting money will be the least of our problems when traitors pour out of the Trojan horse in the house. Hey women who put these asshats back in congress…are you prepared to visit your daughter in prison since she didn’t want a child at age 15 due to a gang rape? You voted to put her there. So much for the enlightenment of the fairer sex. No matter the excuses, the FACT these traitors were put back in power says EVERYTHING about our sick culture of shallow greed/racism/homophobia/religious hypocrisy/stupidity and intellectual laziness.

    • It’s quite simple. Really. The Oath of Office is nothing more than some words they have to recite.

      That’s it. Nothing more.

      The Oath derives from a time when taking one meant something, and breaking it came with consequences including for powerful people. Shame if nothing else and way back it mattered to the bulk of people including people with power if they were on the receiving end of public shame. Those days are long gone and let’s face it, for conservatives violating the Oath of Office actually increases their “street cred” with their voters! I’ve taken that oath and was both honored to do so and also humbled by it. It was worth my very life to keep it, such was my belief in my country despite its flaws. But most of the conservative “Christian” Jeebus Freaks that put their scummy hands on their “precious” bibles know goddamned good and well they are lying to themselves, God and the public when they stand there in the well of the House or Senate, raise their right hand and take their Oath. Their loyalty is NOT to the Constitution! They know it. We know it. And they know we know it. Yet they do it anyway. What we need is people up in the gallery, a group of them (because each will be escorted out when their turn comes) to do a Joe Wilson and shout YOU LIE as each group of three (that’s how it’s normally done) take their Oaths. The GOP will be pissed of course. The truth is often annoying if not painful but there you are.


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