Liz Cheney Knows Truth is the Best Weapon Against Republicans and She’s Using It to Devastating Effect


Liz Cheney, who was ousted from leadership by her own party on Wednesday, has a few scores to settle and she hasn’t wasted any time in getting around to it.

She was ousted for telling the truth about The Big Lie. She’s also observed – with disgust – how House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy went from blaming Trump immediately following the Jan 6 Insurrection to then denying that truth in favour of 100 per cent dedication to GQP fiction. But then she’s known McCarthy for years and would be unsurprised by his spineless surrender to the loudest faction.

Liz Cheney has also repeatedly called for a bipartisan commission comprised of retired officials with subpoena power to investigate the attack on the Capitol. Moreover, she’s siding with House Democrats in supporting a commission focussed exclusively on the insurrection. That’s in direct opposition to McCarthy & co who are demanding the focus be broadened to include BLM and the non-existent organisation of Antifa.

By the way, McCarthy didn’t come up with this counterargument. It was first raised in the Senate by Cruz, Hawley and then McConnell. McCarthy, as always, is a follower.

Cheney pointed out that there’s no legitimate reason for anyone in the House or Senate to oppose the proposed commission. Congress created similar commissions to investigate other attacks including JFK’s assassination and the 9/11 strikes.

Cheney knows as well as the Democrats do that Republicans want to dilute the aims of the proposed commission so they can target the Left with constant attacks in order to divert attention from Jan 6 – and she knows why. House and Senate Republicans are terrified of the truth.

MSN’s Savannah Guthrie learned this in an interview with Liz Cheney.

Rep. Liz Cheney said that some of her Republican colleagues in Congress are opposed to a bipartisan commission to investigate the Jan. 6 Capitol riot because they helped provoke the attack or are otherwise culpable.

“There is real concern among a number of members of my own party about a January 6th commission,” Cheney said. “That kind of intense, narrow focus threatens people in my party who may have been playing a role they should not have been playing.”

Check out Ursula Faw’s story for the video clip.

Liz Cheney didn’t name names in this interview but we have a good idea of who she’s talking about as does Business Insider which named 3 of them.

Ali Alexander, a far-right activist who organized the “Stop the Steal” rally that preceded the Capitol attack, said he planned the protest with help from GOP Reps. Paul Gosar, Mo Brooks, and Andy Biggs.

Those 3 top the House list along with Greene, Boebert and Gaetz. In the Senate Cruz and Hawley are jostling each other for top spot. Further down the list are the likes of Scalise, #2 in the House GOP leadership team, Gohmert, Jordan, Stefanik and a slew of others. 147 Republican lawmakers voted to overturn the 2020 presidential election results – and that was after the insurgency.

Exposing this truth – that her colleagues are desperate to cover up their own legal jeopardy due to their direct involvement in the insurrection – is a devastating blow for Republicans in both houses of Congress. They haven’t yet claimed Cheney is lying but you can be sure that, right now, they’re fixated on damage control.

Meanwhile, Democrats have a whole new argument to use thanks to Liz Cheney speaking truth in public – which is often far more effective than speaking truth to power. I hope it also prompts Democrats with GQP reps and/or senators to contact them and ask why they’re afraid of an exclusive insurrection investigation. Make no mistake, Liz Cheney isn’t aiming to help Democrats but that’s no reason why we shouldn’t make the most of the opportunities provided by her pursuit of vengeance.

In her interview with Guthrie, Liz Cheney took the opportunity to urge Republican voters to reject Trump’s “cult of personality.”

“We have to embrace the Constitution, we have to reject the lie, because we have to be a party of substance,” Cheney said. “We have to be able to say to those voters who left us, you should trust us.”

Too late for that, Rep Cheney. You’re far likely to lose a lot more voters than to retain or gain any. And Rep Kinzinger sounds like he could be approaching the crossroads too.


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  1. It will be “devastating to the GOP” when those powerful politicians, including frump, his children & bill Barr are in jail. Until then, it’s Animal House at Faber college where many threats are made, but none materialize. Double secret probation won’t cut it.

    • The justice system, contrary to popular belief, does not work on a Twitter schedule. Its ultimate results will get here when it gets here.

      • U mean like it did for nixon, Reagan, Bush 1& 2, Cheney, barr, & Trump’s 74 years of treason & criminality? Not impressed. Ur statement has more holes than Swiss cheese.

        • I’m even less impressed with your insistence on how the past is going to be the future. You know who else thinks like that? Trump cultists, who also have the same ideas as you do on how their concept of justice is supposed to work. So excuse me if I’m willing to acknowledge that this stuff will play out, however imperfectly, over a number of months and years rather than next week. Robespierre tried your approach during the French Revolution. It didn’t work out so well for him.

          • To pretend the pattern of behavior of the legal system in its lack of enforcement for the rich & powerful is foolish & smacks of wishful thinking. So, 4 months after the traitor president leads an armed insurrection, violating, once again his legal oath of office, he is free. Would we be free if I did a harmless thing like smoke weed in public in NC? No chance. There is no reason on earth he is free given we all saw him break the law time & again, except my point. According to you the past is NO indicator of the future. Exactly how many times did you put ur hand on a hot stove burner?

          • No. U r more like them. They disregard the facts of the past. They don’t study it, respect it, or plan to learn from it. They live in the moment. They pretend the past didn’t happen (listened to any republicans about January 6th). No, Virginia, those who don’t pay attention to the past are doomed to repeat it. What a self serving FALSE statement about how my sense of justice is like theirs. I guess they want Trump & all the traitors in jail for life? Really. U actually think that after all my posts. Gosh. The main characteristic of these cult members is they believe what they want & ignore the facts. A trait u seem to match well.

  2. Liz Cheney is the true enemy of this decade. At this moment, she’s as much an ally to us as Stalin was in WWII. But when (not IF…anyone saying that one is NOT paying attention to the situation) that’s done, she’ll be building a whole new conservative movement with her father’s help and connections. When 2024 rolls around and she’s in the driver’s seat, remember that I said it first.

    • Oh yeah, that’s definitely what she’s trying to do. She may succeed too because it’s going to be in the interests of her ambitions to rid the party of those opposing her. I believe she’ll start by exposing a few nasty, criminal secrets among her GQP colleagues.


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