We are told that Hell contains a special circle for liars. I hope that’s true. I also hope that everybody in America has a chance to see this ad exposing the worst liars in the GOP as just that. The Big Lie is the GOP’s hill to die on, plain and simple. And they may die on it. Nobody in this clip deserves to be reelected to office, that’s an absolute.

A lot of Republicans are openly lying to the public and their brethren are going alone with it, hoping that it will just get ignored somehow.

The worst malfeasance of all, however, is the people in Congress who lie and say that it was a normal “tour” that day. That lie is an even bigger one than the Big Lie, if that’s possible.

It is high time that these people are held accountable. When lawmakers are defending sedition, treason and violence, America has taken a very wrong turn. The GOP needs to purge its ranks of these people. That said, I’m not holding my breath. I’m hopeful, but only minimally optimistic.


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  1. If the 6th of January was ‘just a tour’ then I would assume that what has been happening in Afghanistan is just a Sunday afternoon strol in the park.

    Isn’t it strange that all those people smashing windows, forcing entrance and looting the offices wre really ‘anti-fa terrorists’ who were cunning enough to wear Trump hats and wave Trump banners.

    • And put up with listening to Trump speak BEFORE they went to the Capitol.

      THAT had to be the absolute masterstroke of the plan. I mean, talk about being dedicated to a cause.

  2. The fact that they try to downplay what was clearly a violent insurrection is damning enough. We must not forget or let anyone else forget g oing forward.

  3. I can’t help but think back to Harry Truman and a whistlestop train tour moment when someone in the crowd called out the familiar phrase “Give em hell Harry!” His response was classic Harry Truman – “I just tell the truth on them and they THINK it’s hell.”

  4. John 8:44. All u evangelicals should read it, REPENT, & sin no more. Somewhere in space & time u r already dead & judgement awaits. U won’t get to keep ur vacation home on Martha’s vineyard, fyi.


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