The most disruptive and chaotic member of Congress to ever live is Marjorie Taylor Greene. Probably the only other person who comes even close was Senator Joseph McCarthy back in the 1950’s. It was a different era and McCarthy was able to capitalize on Cold War paranoia, just as Greene capitalizes on MAGA rage. McCarthy shattered many peoples’ lives wheras Greene mostly shatters ear drums with her shrill, loud, forceful insistence on dismantling government in the name of government. But make no mistake: if Greene had McCarthy’s cunning and his understanding of how government works, she, too, would be wrecking the lives of innocent people, even as she seeks to destroy our alliances abroad by getting us out of NATO and bringing (again) articles of impeachment against Joe Biden.

I wonder if Marge has *normal* conversations with anyone, meaning just about how the petunias are growing or what’s the best running sock to buy, any of that? Because her public persona is non stop rageaholic. She’s got issues. There are well over 400 representatives in the House and non of them are at DEFCON 1 the minute they show up at work.

Here she is again wanting to destroy America’s alliances.

I despair when I see people like Marge, or Jim Jordan from his gerrymandered district, or Paul Gosar, same thing. The constitutents of these districts deserve sane leadership, not performance art. Maybe I’m looking at it the wrong way. Maybe I should be glad that there aren’t more of them, especially in this era of MAGA.

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  1. HEE HAW! Damn! Someone please put that jackass out to pasture! The constant braying, bluster, and whining is getting old. HEE HAW! There she goes again.

    • I’m in Paul Gossar’s district in northern Arizona. I think the people deserve these jackasses. In the case of Gossar he has been sent back to Congress numerous times. People keep reelecting him. There are enough magats here to keep him in office. Im sure he supports all things magot whatever horseshit the orang Messiah is spewing. Today’s lies that trumps trial and conviction was because Biden engineered it. It’s another lie Biden has no control over any state justice system. Gossar’s constituents are evidently so ignorant he can tell them any absurdity a completely obvious lie and they swallow it whole.
      It’s a sad state. What does the republican party stand for? nothing except for the reelection of a 34 time felon to t U S presidency.

      • I’ve heard that Northern Arizona is MAGA land. I find it surprising because Southern Nevada is bright blue, for the most part. It would be interesting to explore this phenenomen.

        I hope you’ll keep us informed on Gosar’s district and all the doings as the election progresses. I’m curious to see how the election interference lawsuits shake down.

  2. …performance “art”…???
    Well, since you mentioned it…

    The cross-eyed old painter McNeff
    Was color-blind, palsied, and deaf;
    When he asked to be touted
    the critics all shouted:
    “This is art, with a capital F!”


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