What a GOP primary 2024 is shaping up to be. There are those candidates who are in it for a crack at the vice presidency, hello Nikki Haley and Tim Scott. There are those candidates who just love the spotlight, like Vivek Ramaswamy, and there are those candidates that nobody knows why they are there: yes, Mike Pence, we’re talking about you. And then there’s Ron DeSantis. After you listen to this audio, you may believe that Ronnie’s just there to scrape up what’s left of the PAC money, because he can’t possibly win, if what his own people are saying here is true.

Here’s the entire audio.

If 35% of the GOP electorate is Trump Only, Forever Trump, pick your adjective, then that does not bode well for DeSantis.


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  1. All of the challengers for Trump’s throne are running on a hope based strategy. They are terrified of confronting him head-on and trading blows. Of throwing REAL punches again and again to bloody his nose and keep him bleeding. So they HOPE that someone else will step up and be the sacrificial lamb, to jump on the grenade while shooting Trump in the guts and mortally wounding him. That the Democrats will take Trump out for them. And the dumbest hope of all – that Trump will do and/or say something that causes the scales to fall from the MAGA goober’s eyes. That will either shock them into turning on Trump, or at least deciding he’s unelectable and that they have no choice but to vote for someone else. (As Yoda would put it, “Stong is the delusion in these idiots.”)

    There’s nothing wrong with hope in the abstract, IF one goes into a situation/task withe a solid, viable strategy, one complete enough to allow for problems that might pop up. Hoping one has properly prepared and that no problems that can’t be handled doesn’t signal weakness. However, when Hope itself defines the effort it is in fact a sign on weakness. Moving forward mostly hoping that one won’t encounter problems/resistance, or with a strategy to avoid all risk and/or conflict is a recipe for failure.

    As the guy says to the big boss in Deepwater Horizon, “Hope ain’t a strategy.”

    • Being terrified of trump is a losing strategy. The only chance any of them have is to go toe-to-toe with him. Sad to say but the only chance any of them have of winning the ‘pube nod is to to be the most bigoted, antisemitic, racist a-hole AND be better at labeling trump with juvenile name-calling than trump. That however is the state of the g.q.p. so winning the nomination requires such behavior. If 35% of the ‘pubes are only trumpers, competitors will actually be required to out-trump trump and it’s tough to beat that particular “original”. Most of the field so far wants to have a chance in the general election so I don’t expect to see a bunch of baby trumps.

      Maybe things might change when the criminal charges and trials are on trump’s doorstep. I kind of doubt it but it certainly is possible.

  2. BLACK AND WHITE, both colors in the water-color tin box, so many sider-isms in Congress and the kitchen table …

    Between money grabbers and fart faced discriminators, smoking their cigars out in the back alley, where they plan the next attack on our Democracy, take more from the masses, give it to the people already billionaires, changing simple wording in their demands and printouts to avoid making their promised future actually mean something …

    The photo at the top of this article, indeed, shows Dumbest and Dumber, take your pick, they, along with the Crippled GOP, will find that someone/or ones have greased that long, public park slide to hell, where honest judges and juries will purge them of any thoughts of future success …

    I think if anyone popped a paper lunch sack behind Trump right now, he would probably go into cardiac arrest, De Dummy, on the other hand, “Oh hear the pretty music, another military weapon in the hands of my followers” …


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