Lara Trump, co-chair of the Republican National Committee has an ominous warning that we should all be worried about. I’m not kidding. Yes, she’s pretty and the wife of Eric Trump, Donald Trump’s middle son, but when she opens her mouth, the war words come out.

There are now only six months remaining before the general election, and the Republican National Committee (RNC) has already announced it has every intention to allow its legal team to throw a wrench into the works at voting precincts around the country.

Lara Trump gave us all the good news during a recent interview with frequently weepy Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo, where things took a very ominous turn. Couching her words in vague language (a Trump family tradition), she discussed the GOP’s plans to create mass disruption, Alternet reports.

“we plan on having attorneys in all of these major polling locations across the country,” Trump said. “we can’t wait to litigate something weeks after it has happened. We need to strike at a moment’s notice. we want people there on the ready to hit things and hit the ground running when they happen so that we are never seeing 2020 happen ever again.”

So my question here, is where are the Democrats on this? Are they planning to do the same thing, because it sure sounds like they’d better toughen up and get going.

Trump’s suggestions of a hopped-up RNC response strike force meant to challenge election results may be a tougher, more stubborn version of what the GOP did in 2020. We know all the crap the Trump team and the RNC pulled, challenging election results in battleground states where Trump lost to President Joe Biden in 2020 — Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — places where Trump’s team contended the results were fraudulent.

We know that Trump and his allies filed dozens of lawsuits in the aftermath of the election. USA TODAY analyzed 62 of the lawsuits that were filed and found that the former president lost 62 of them. There was only one lawsuit — which Trump won. In that case, a judge agreed that voters who’d had their identification questioned could meet with their county clerk to have their ballots “cured” (I’m mystified as to what that means) as long as they did this within three days. That small victory wasn’t sufficient to flip Biden’s win in Delaware, his home state.

We are all well-versed with the crap Trump & Co. pulled to derail Biden’s lawful certification as President. Then-Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) who was chairing the House Republican Conference had already had enough of Trump’s futile efforts to scupper election results.

“the president and many around him pushed this idea that the election had been stolen. and that is a dangerous claim. it wasn’t true,” cheney said in early 2021. “there were over 60 court cases where judges, including judges appointed by president trump and other republican presidents, looked at the evidence in many cases and said there is not widespread fraud.”

But Trump whipped up his supporters so much because he was so determined to get his way that this hysteria turned dangerous on January 6, 2021. Now we have Lara Trump and her allies threatening to intervene, so I’m going to ask one more time:

Where are the Democrats on this? Sure the video is shared by the Biden-Harris HQ team on X, but what are they actually going to DO about it? Will Democrats have their own attorneys at polling places? It seems pretty imperative that they do this.

Just sayin.’

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  1. If these goons “hit me” at my polling place, they better know that I am gonna hit back! Remember what your Fearless Leader Herr VonShitzenpantz always says, “I hit back harder!” Come and get it, Lara, I’m just waiting for you to start it.

    BTW, she is NOT pretty, she is evil and ugly.

    • She is so.bloody generic. All the Trump women are. Their plastic surgeons have a type they like that I call “Aryan Barbie.”

      After a while their contempt and arrogance and lack of a souls behind to show up on their face in smear lines and cold stares,,and no amount of cosmetic surgery and make-up can fix it.

      Someone needs to tell her that if her blitzkrieg forces show up with guns closer to 100 feet from a polling place, they are violating election law and intimidating voters. Maybe some Democrats hunters with open carry licenses can show up along with lawyers.

  2. Attractive? Really? Maybe once upon a time before all the plastic surgery she might have been considered okay. Not gorgeous but not plain or ugly. Now? Sorry. I recall a Comedy Central roast where after her turn the next up was another woman who said “Nikki Glaser has the body of an amateur porn star and the name of an actual porn star.” Now, Glaser is attractive, and can be pretty funny sometimes too. And yes, from a guy I’d say she has a nice figure, and a natural one. Other than braces growing up she’s never had any “work” done.

    Lara Trump doesn’t even qualify as amateur porn star. With those freakish lips, “bolt-on” chest that is so obviously fake and maybe butt implants too she looks more like Frankenhooker. It’s like she and Kim Guilfoyle are in a contest to see who can be more freakish looking to get the leading role in a porn parody of Frankenstein’s Night Out.

    • Yeah, the work she’s had done isn’t flattering but I wanted to say the exterior looks one way but the interior is vastly different. Guess I should have found a different way to say it.

      • I’ve commented before that some people have an inner ugliness so profound it radiates into their visage. Men as well as women but things being what they are it gets noticed and commented on more with women. In Trump’s orbit there are women who might once when younger have been nice looking or even quite noticeably attractive who you look at and just see ugly. And not always due to garish and/or bad cosmetic surgery. Sarah Sanders and KellyAnne Conway for example seem to have had little if any work done. Others like Lara Trump and Kim Guilfoyle aren’t just ugly but freakishly so. Some Trump syncohpants like Stefanik and Habba haven’t yet had their inner ugliness take over for long enough for it to really show but look again a few years down the road.

        Admittedly while I can appreciate when women take the trouble to get a special hair styling and makeup job it can be lovely to see but I’ve always had a preference for the “less is more” look. Someone women I’ve known and been smitten by in my life seldom wore makeup or if they did very little. So it’s fair to take that into account when deciding if I’m overly harsh. I’ve also never been a fan of breast enhancements. I can understand why a woman that’s undergone a mastectomy might want to have reconstructive surgery. I had a brief relationship with someone who was saving up to have a breast that had been removed made to look like the one she still had. I get that. I’ve also known a few women who were massively endowed. As in the weight their bra had to support making grooves in their shoulders. Way back in the 1970s one of them (we didn’t date) actually underwent a breast reduction and she wasn’t yet twenty years old! It was already that bad for her. I knew a couple of others later on just as “endowed” who put up with it. Why I don’t know as the reduction surgery was far more advanced with faster recovery by then. Women found me easy to talk to, I usually tended to get lumped into what we guys call the dreaded “friend zone” and one admitted concern the surgery would affect the sensitivity. She enjoyed her sexuality and didn’t want to risk that particular possible outcome.

        But he, I’m a guy so how much do I really know? Some women and men are lucky and even as senior citizens age with not that much change. I’ve seen FB pics of the gal I dated in the spring of my senior year in high school (she for reasons I never learned dumped me that summer and as I was falling in love with her it stung) and I swear even with a few lines she’s as beautiful in her sixties as she was back then. So is another gal from my class who’s mom wanted so much for me to date. She was attractive then even with the braces and has grown breathtakingly beautiful with age. Others, not so much. Both women and some of us guys. That’s just the way of things, but I think those that simply accept the aging process instead of going through plastic surgery almost always look better.

        • Well my opinion of a trump girl is they are for sale. Everything in Donnie’s possession is for sale. That includes her if someone offers the right price. And funny you should bring up Kelly Ann because last time I seen her she was looking like she needed some serious help. And as far as trump goes. They still haven’t found that file that wasn’t supposed to leave the sciff or whatever it’s called. Bet Putin knows exactly where it’s at.

      • Pretty is as pretty does, which applies to Lara, Kimberly, Melania, all phony mannequins designed from the same pattern of too much make up, implants and other enhancements. Not a real woman among them, but none of the tRump boys could get or handle a real woman.

    • Look up the pictures before the surgeries. Woof! She was eric the doofus ugly. They belonged together. She’s now Frankenstein’s bride ugly. Same difference, just a different look. Ugly inside, ugly outside.

  3. once again, where is the money to pay all these lawyers going to come from? the rnc doesn’t have it and Trump’s campaign doesn’t have it.

  4. she has such a dead look in her eyes. I get it-being married to eric and part of the bad trump family would deaden anyone’s eyes.

  5. Sarah Huckleberry Sandwich has that holier-than-thou arrogant swear you see on high-ranking Southern church ladies. I.don’t thin”she is capable of smiling her life. Bless her heart.

    Kelly angels ones old and tired during the 2016 campaign. She had a facelift and botox and an eyelift and lip fillers. her old photos. In the eye early 200s she was cute, but extreme weight loss made her look stringy in the neck and she ?had that permanent snear. Now George Conway is looking good these days. Looking sing 110 pounds of Kellyann turned out better them Weight Watchers and Planet Fitness. I think he only stayed married until Trump.was out of office so the daughter who hates Mommy could grow up and not end up having alone with Mom.


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