New House Oversight Committee Chairman (R) James Comer seems to have some trouble when he plays the “Things That Don’t Belong” game, perhaps his Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture from Western Kentucky University did not sufficiently prepare him to differentiate between say, The Republic of Ukraine from the despotisms currently operating in Putin’s Russia and The People’s Republic in China, or the threat posed to our collective national security by a malignant, out of control narcissist hoarding and refusing to return hundreds of classified documents, and a law abiding executive who returned a few of the same the minute a few were found mixed with other docs in his think tank’s possession.

Now, far be it from a hayseed like me to make light of a pol for his rural roots, two of my favorites, Thomas Jefferson and Harry Truman began their respective journeys to the Presidency on the farm, although Harry had the moral upper hand on Jefferson in respect that he and his father had only mules yoked to the successful production of their crops…

But both of these agrarian avatars were also widely and deeply read in the classics, as well as benefiting from the grittier knowledge of seasons, animals and crops needed for the managing of their similar, though vastly different-in-scale, farming enterprises.

Something tells me that Rep. Jim Comer was not reading Homer and Plato in between plantings…

Below is Comer lumping in Ukraine with Russia and China while opining on the foreign policy chops of President Biden:

I can only add that here that it seems to me that Comer is the one compromised, though typically confused, calling Russia an “adversary” while simultaneously spouting Putin’s talking points.

And here is Comer conflating the discovery and return of classified documents in Biden’s think tank with the year-long effort to recover many more from Trump’s roach motel (with some pertinent push back).

Below Comer explains why we should write more tax laws that Trump can violate with seeming impunity…

Comer’s own Twitter feed provides a wealth of wing-nuttery:

Yeah, just what Hannity needs.


Comer on Hunter’s lap top (and an appropriate response).

Here’s a good one:

Yes, yes, Comer but who is going to hold you accountable??

The Republicans just keep sending their best.

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