Lost in all the rock concert level of noise the news has been lately something took place that’s gotten little notice. You don’t have to be a political junkie to know the main parts of the three week circular firing squad the House GOP engaged in before finally choosing a new Speaker. Or that once the caucus agreed on him Mike Johnson of Louisiana was swiftly approved and given the Speaker’s gavel. Most people, with more than a few being other House Republicans said “Who?”

Johnson was a stealth candidate who suddenly emerged seemingly out of nowhere. It’s taken a while for folks to learn about the guy and for many of us what we’ve learned is more than a little troubling. (I’m trying to be polite for a change!) Johnson checks all the boxes one would expect of a Republican, especially one in a leadership post in Congress. RWNJ conservative on all the budget and culture war issues of course. An “interesting” history prior to Congress too including significant work on that boondoggle Kentucky creationist “museum” for example. Some checking has brought out just how huge a role he played in the Jan. 6 Insurrection. He was THE point guy in the House leading the effort to prevent the counting of electoral votes.

He was also one of Trump’s impeachment “Managers.” (the term for those who present the case for either side)

I’m thinking that last point  is why Johnson is Speaker. Trump spoke up for him to get the job and sure enough Johnson was speedily approved once his name was put up in that closed door meeting of House GOPers. Again, with so much going on that didn’t get the attention it might have. What got even less was something I read about in this short article by Newsweek.  It seems Johnson made a trip down to Florida to see Trump:

The House speaker met the former president on Monday night at his Mar-a-Lago resort, a week after he endorsed him in his 2024 bid for the White House, according to multiple reports. He has long been an ally of the Republican, serving on his impeachment team and voting to sustain the objection to electoral votes on January 6, 2021.

What was discussed? We don’t know. Johnson isn’t saying, and uncharacteristically Trump isn’t saying jack about it either. He’ll blab highly classified information without a second thought, whether for money/favors from some foreign dictator or just because he’s seized by the need to prove himself a big shot. But if he’s talked up any plans he and Johnson kicked around he’s keeping that information locked down.

If you’ve continued to wonder how the hell this former nobody Johnson suddenly jumped to the head of the line to become House Speaker it’s right there in the last part of the blocked out quote above.  WE (and most of his fellow Republicans) might not have known who Mike Johnson was but Trump sure as hell did. If Trump was Putin’s puppet (and he was & will be again) Johnson is Trump’s! Trump isn’t smart or capable but he’s savvy and when Jordan, who even Trump probably knew all along would flame out sneaking a guy like Johnson who is every bit as radical past everyone made a lot of sense to Trump.

Well, Trump has as staunch a loyalist as he could ask for as Speaker which could come in handy when the House meets again in Jan. 2025 to carry out the Constitutionally prescribed task of counting the Electoral Votes and certifying the winner. Given what happened last time I find that rather frightening. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to learn that’s part of what Johnson and Trump talked about.

It’s also interesting that this under-the-radar meeting took place during a fundraiser Trump was holding at Mar A Lago. One of the reasons so many House Republicans were pissed at dumping McCarthy was as Speaker he had tremendous ability to raise money which GOPers desperately need. Trump is soaking up so much of the small money donations and anything that goes to the RNC is effectively a donation to Trump. Who of course hasn’t in the past nor will he be in the future inclined to share.  So, practically speaking House Republicans are on their own and counted on McCarthy to help them get enough money to mount effective campaigns. Johnson got into the Speaker’s job with NONE of the fundraising ability or contacts McCarthy had. So being introduced to some “money men” was no doubt part of that little get together.

Still, there are plenty more questions about what was discussed and/or agreed to. Neither Johnson or Trump is talking. The linked article says both were contacted for comment and had nothing to say. I’ll tell you what I think which is that Johnson is going to be having Trump directing whatever big decisions he makes. That Trump will be holding a form of veto power over Johnson’s Speakership.

Keep an eye on this. Just because this meeting took place with few noticing doesn’t mean something important is going on. However, the fact both Johnson and Trump won’t talk about it tells me there’s likely some big stuff they want to keep hidden.

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  1. How did he jump to the head of the line? Easy. He promised to do everything in his power and beyond to make sure the 2024 election goes down as the one that put the U.S. in the toilet and in the Fascist Nations column.

    • With any luck, Fat Donnie will be in prison or under house arrest on appeal. Tank Willis is our best hope because he cannot pardon himself for a,state offense. And fellows usually do their appeals from.A jail.cell. And even if he does,a,rush to SCOTUS, I suspect they will simply send it back to the trial court. They have generally refused to hear his vasesr.

  2. Another christo fascist that will need ‘correction’,(right mr.grady?), should he enable a fascist takeover! As Led Zeppelin sings in When The Levee Breaks…crying and prayer won’t help you now…asswipe. The sense of self entitlement these nazis have, fits in their delusions that, not only are THEY the law, but they are INVINCIBLE. Really??? Fascinating, given John F. Kennedy was shot down in broad daylight in front of thousands of people lining the street, 60 years ago TOMMOROW! Personally, I don’t believe violence solves anything in the long run…however, in the short run, it may be your only option to stop a GREATER EVIL. They are fine with shooting children in elementary schools. I doubt they’re going to feel fine about someone shooting their arses. Keep pushing assholes, and you may find real patriots who will put down the phone and pick up a gun. Now that you boys have weaponized our streets, no one is safe. Let me repeat for the arrogant lawmakers…NO ONE IS SAFE INCLUDING YOU Mr. speaker. VOTE!

    • Were drumpf somehow able to steal the 2024 election (and that is the only way he could win), the pussy hat protest will look positively minuscule compared to what will descend on D.C. after his inauguration. Knowing what he plans to do to all dissenters means a lot of the participants WILL be armed and the size of the protest will be impossible to contain even if he set the military on it (I suspect many of the “suckers” and “losers” would join the protest). The time for peaceful protests ended when he started the J-6 insurrection.

      Sh*t would get real serious real fast were he to cheat and steal this election.

  3. For those who watched all of the John Eastman disciplinary trial, refer to what Eastman called the “Pelosi Scenario”. This was a lesson he learned from 2020. They now realize that had their plan to erase the elections of both Biden and Harris actually occurred, Pelosi would be installed a President at least until the time all the additional lawsuits made their way thru the courts. For 2024, getting a MAGA Speaker of the House is of utmost importance. If they are successful in stalling any win for the Democrats, MAGA Mike is in place. Remember, these are people who don’t care if any of this is ethical or legal. It’s the doing of it that is important.

    • I have a black daughter I adopted from birth. She’s 28 now. As a white, educated, hillbilly from Appalachia, it was a difficult to hide. Since she stunningly beautiful and my best friend, i was PROUD of her in every way a father can be. She’s a better person than I can hope to be. What a phucking liar. If a man ever needed a beating, using a child in a lie to fool black voters to lie and gain power qualifies. Hey Mr. ‘Christian’…look me up. At 70, I’m pretty certain I can beat your sorry ass. Bring whomever. When I finish with you…I’ll take who’s next in line.

  4. With any luck, Fat Donnie will be in prison or under house arrest on appeal. Tank Willis is our best hope because he cannot pardon himself for a,state offense. And fellows usually do their appeals froma jail.cell. And even if he does,a,rush to SCOTUS, I suspect they will simply send it back to the trial court. They have generally refused to hear his cases.


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