There is no low they won’t go. Jim Jordan is now actively trashing Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, calling it “uninformative” and redirecting potential viewers to other media on the air at the same time.

Is this paranoia? Or just sheer vindictiveness, because Biden’s been doing a hell of a job and he can take the podium tonight and glow about achievements that are substantial?

Paranoid or not, it is very petty.

Classless, clueless and crass, but we did specify that this was Jim Jordan, right?

I’ll tell you what worries me. I’m afraid that the howler monkey twins, Boebert and Greene, are going to make a bigger spectacle of themselves than last year.

This is scary that there’s this flurry of counter programming, contrariness about something which hasn’t yet been seen or heard. They have their chance afterwards with the response. Why is that not good enough?

It’s a basic axiom of life that it’s so much easier to destroy than to build. I guess that the GOP has decided to give up on building.


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  1. Tell you what “Gym” – there was an investigation into all that molesting of wrestlers you were coaching at Ohio State. Publish the transcripts of interviews and depositions AND any audio or videotapes of those brave enough to go on the record tonight and instead of watching President Biden I’ll look at THAT instead. No? Then go fuck yourself. And when you’re done go fuck yourself again you slimy, vile disgusting festering puss pocket on a turd Trump shat out into his fake gold toilet! (Oh, and put on a goddamned suitcoat when you’re doing House business in hearings and such)

  2. I don’t remember the rethugs being this nervous prior to a SOTU before. They must seriously be afraid some of their sheeple might actually listen and learn a few things. Nothing scares them more than having their fake media bubble burst.


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