Oh how sharper than a serpent’s tooth is an ungrateful lawyer. Maybe Trump should kill them all. What’s up with Jenna, did she get stiffed along with Rudy? Do you suppose that could be part of the rancor here? In any event, this will not sit well with Melania, who is just now getting back on the grifting fundraising trail and is, we assume, intending to charge the log cabin Republicans handsomely for the gift of her presence, as they have paid in years past. Newsweek:

According to The New York Times, in a financial disclosure last year, Melania reported receiving a $250,000 payment from the group in December 2022.

A quarter of a million dollars is a lot of scratch. And she got this for what, reading a speech somebody else wrote and it’s worth that kind of money, why now? It’s certainly not because Melania’s a great orator, she can barely pronounce half of the words she reads off the page.

The former president has sought to portray himself as more moderate on LGBTQ+ issues than some Republicans, at one point holding an upside-down Pride flag on the 2016 campaign trail, at times leaving him at odds with the GOP’s most conservative voters. However, he embraced policies during his first term that critics say would chip away at the community’s rights.

As you are no doubt aware Melania raised quite a few eyebrows yesterday when she didn’t show up in her own home to pick up an award from a children’s group who wanted to present her with a plexiglass paperweight for her work in “child advocacy.”

X user Isabel Santos wrote, “WHERE is MELANIA? ‘I know First Lady couldn’t get here, but we wanted to give Melania Trump the Child Advocacy Award because she did so much for children when she was First Lady.’ WHAT did she do for the children? Her choice of jacket said it all ‘I really don’t care do you?'”

Another X user realTuckFrumper wrote, “Trump Accepts Award On Melania’s Behalf Because ‘First Lady Couldn’t Get Here’ (Pssst: She Lives There).” [Note: TuckFrump reposted our piece in his account, but this is a PolitiZoom piece from April 5. I am proud to see it referenced in Newsweek. We are the Little Political Blog That Could, toot toot.]

MeidasTouch co-founder Ben Meiselas wrote on X, “Trump held another unhinged event at Mar-A-Lago where Melania was supposed to receive some silly MAGA award but she ditched him and he took the award himself. The media still tries to push some narrative that she will take on a larger role but we all just have to wait and that her mystery is just who she is.”

So far it looks like Melania’s hypocrisy isn’t going over too well and then along comes Jenna Ellis. Ellis says she chooses “Christ over Trump” which is blasphemy in MAGA world.

Citing a Fox News article, Ellis said, “Melania’s first campaign fundraiser is a pro-LGBTQ Republican event.”

“This is an example of something Trump is doing that zero Christians can support,” Ellis added. “Even if you vote for him, which of course you should over Biden, Christ followers cannot support this… Where and when in conflict, I follow Christ over Trump.”

In a separate post, Ellis said, “No person who truly loves or follows Christ is pro-LGBTQ,” citing John 14:15.

Although some conservatives disagreed with Ellis, even arguing that “Homosexuality is no more of a sin than two unmarried people living together,” others appeared to provide some back-up.

“All sin is NOT ‘equal in the eyes of God’, even as all crime is not equal in the eyes of man. Thats a fallacy. Pride is a sin, but it’s not equal to murder in the eyes of God,” wrote Pastor Darrell Scott, a former advisor to Trump himself.

One user, @Lamar1106, added, “This is why I will NOT be voting for him. Lockdown, vaccine, trans-Trump is not getting my vote. I’m focusing on local elections only.”

Another user, @pehzdispy, wrote, “Once again, Christless conservatism is the problem.”

This is a landmark day. Trump isn’t loony enough for the looniest of his right-wing dominionist Xian followers who want to turn America into a theocratic state.

And since you’ve been so good to read this far, here’s a bonus. Here is Maggie Reed’s take on what happened yesterday.

Hey, sometimes it’s just too much of an effort to walk from the bedroom to the living room to get an award. Happens to me all the time. I have people waiting in the dining room, to cheer me on as I head towards the fridge to get a soda pop, just like the Trumps have a cheering squad every time they walk into their dining room. That’s how us high rollers do it. But occasionally, it’s just too much to accept another accolade, and I tell one of my many aides, “Just leave it on the mantlepiece. If the check for my fee clears the bank, we’ll discuss an acceptance speech.”

Melania couldn’t make it to the right room in Mar-a-Lago because nobody was paying her. The tackiness of Trump world gets more and more painfully obvious as time goes by but I think it’s going to take the Trumps a while to bottom this. This is a new low, even for them.

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  1. Well ms. ellis, you’re going to be shitting yourself when you read about what just went down in IN’s appellate court. See, Jewish law not only ALLOWS abortion but MANDATES it when the woman’s health or life is in danger (BTW, mental health is included in “health”): a woman who knows her life might be endangered by her pregnancy must abort. She might be able to have a successful pregnancy in the future; she will not be able to come back to life if she dies from complications due to the pregnancy. Risking her life just because she, or her partner, want a child very badly is not allowed under Jewish law-it is similar to suicide. The actual Life to be preserved is the woman, not the fetus. A fetus is NEVER equal to the woman carrying it. NEVER. Making a woman’s life equal to a fetus is an abomination; it is anathema to Jews. It is against Jewish law, or to ignoramuses “scripture”.

    So, when you go throwing around your supposed knowledge of what you call “scripture” ma’am, remember you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, you cannot cherry-pick your way through Leviticus, etc. in order to harass others you don’t happen to like, and when you do try to do this shit, it WILL bite you in that ignorant ass of yours. If you’re not a Jew, don’t pretend to know Jewish law-you don’t and you sound like a moron when you spew your inanities about much like an over-full sewer.

    I was waiting for a case like the one in IN ever since those morons on the s.c. came up with that abhorrent bullshit in dobbs. I look forward to watching them finally getting a hold of this case or another much like it. Will they display their hypocrisy for all to see when they place their religion over every other? Should they do so I predict their lives will not be worth a small puddle of spit on a very hot sidewalk.

    • You forgot to mention that all those ‘adherents to scriptural law’ totally forget when it comes to treif.

      “So what if bacon, pork scratchings, lobster thermidor, parma ham, etc aren’t kosher – I’ll decide what parts of Leviticus I’ll follow (and still claim to ‘follow God’s ordinances’)”

      • Didn’t I write anything about their hypocrisy? My bad Daithi.

        I’ve never understood why so many of the evang xtians go after LGBTQ+ folks but never after pork producers, the lobster industry….unless I put it into the “oh, they’re a bunch of effing hypocrites” basket.

  2. ““All sin is NOT ‘equal in the eyes of God’, even as all crime is not equal in the eyes of man. Thats a fallacy. Pride is a sin, but it’s not equal to murder in the eyes of God,” wrote Pastor Darrell Scott, a former advisor to Trump himself.”

    And, as I recall, adultery is one of the BIGGEST sins in the Bible (it’s among those silly “Ten Commandments” that certain right-wing “Christian” zealots were demanding be posted in every schoolroom in America) and, yet, far too many “Christians” chose to support a known adulterer in Trump. Not just in 2020, but in 2016. Even as the news about Stormy Daniels broke (the woman who accused Trump of sleeping with her not long after his wife had given birth to their son), the most ardent of the fundies were lock-step (or, perhaps that should be, goosestep) behind Trump.

    The “ban” on homosexuality is just one of many “lesser” commands in the Law as recorded in the Torah. Meanwhile, another of the “Big Ten” rules deals with lying, something which Trump does so frequently, if he were Pinocchio, there’d be no need to cut down another tree for its wood.

    • Joseph, Torah is a set of mitzvah, laws, for one group of people–Hebrews/Jews. The 613 mitzvah are all of equal importance and all attempts by Jews to observe all of them is a cornerstone of Judaism. And before you say anything I realize we come very, very, short on this observance. There are the seven Noachide laws for the rest of humanity (but even if a Jew follows only the seven, they are still considered good people in the eyes of the creator of the universe). In those seven laws, the only thing coming close to a ban on homosexuality is the ban on immoral sex which is kind of interpreted differently by different people. In the industrial/modern age, on a vastly over-populated planet, laws encouraging breeding and discouraging non-breeding relationships are asinine.

      I am reminded that after the Pulse (?)/nightclub mass shooting in FL, an orthodox rabbi helped as much as possible even though homosexuality was anathema for him. Some things over-ride strict adherence to the law-even observance of Torah (i.e. healthcare providers, (Yoreh De’ah), and I’m sure police/fire fighters/nurses and I know pharmacists fall in this category). If a person’s life/health (including mental health) is at risk, mitzvah must be tempered with compassion/intelligence/etc. The English term for this concept is “to save a life”. Jews are cognizant of this need for compassion: if we were subject ONLY to G_d’s divine aspect of Judgement, we would have been removed from the planet thousands of years ago.


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