Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Jim Jordan and James Comer’s “United States House Judiciary Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government” is the complete lack of public testimony by the “dozens and dozens” of “good, brave FBI agents” that Judiciary Chairman Jordan, who oversees the committee that Comer chairs, has claimed are clamoring to spill the sauce about Biden’s Justice Department’s strident efforts to be mean to the poor, beleaguered GOP.

By Gymbo’s telling these staunch defenders of all that is good and right in America are fairly crawling over each other to inform on the Biden Administration’s malfeasance.

Trouble is either Jordan and Comer has misplaced them…

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“Well, unfortunately, we can’t track down the informant,” Comer replied. “We’re hopeful that the informant is still there. The whistleblower knows the informant. The whistleblower is very credible.”

So the informant, whom the whistle blower “knows” and who is presumably employed by the Justice Department has gone missing and not even “dozens and dozens” of FBI agents can locate him.


It’s little wonder that even Faux News hostess Maria Bartiromo has a few questions and multiple side eyes.

“Hold on a second, Congressman,” Bartiromo said. “Did you just say that the whistleblower or the informant is now missing?”

But, luckily Comer has another credibility mangling explanation for this apparent agent-napping, which perhaps itself should spark a separate hearing… the informant is a “spy”.

“Well, we we’re hopeful that we can find the informant,” Comer said, explaining the informant was in the “spy business” and “they don’t make a habit of being seen a lot.”

“The nine of the ten people that we’ve identified that have very good knowledge with respect to the Bidens,” he added, “they’re one of three things, Maria, they’re either currently in court, they’re currently in jail, or they’re currently missing.”

MAGA idiot Charlie Kirk finds this obvious dodge – “chilling”

That’s how I would vote also, Chris.

If you’d rather watch on YouTube here is the vid:

Comer obviously thinks that we are as stupid as the Kentucky GOP base voters who put him in Congress.

Here is some more Twitter commentary:

Yeah, they just need donations to fund a jailbreak…




That Comer has clawed his way to the top of the GOP Congressional pyramid of stupid is what is chilling, Charlie.

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  1. Schoolteachers everywhere are rolling their eyes at a Member of Congress chairing a signature special committee using the classic “The dog at my homework” excuse! Seriously? That’s the best Comer’s got? Sadly his seat is almost certainly safe, gerrymandering being what it is but still I hope a Democrat with some chops and charisma runs against him and hammers him both on the stump and with ads on this one! If so many of these asshat Republican politicians are incapable of feeling shame at least maybe some of their voters will feel some.

      • If both, then Bartiromo would be the perfect Fox host. But wait a sec, didn’t Dominion just settle a historic defamation case based on overwhelming evidence that many of the big faces at Fox knew the Trump “stop the steal” was “total BS” — but kept plugging it all the same because that’s what their audience wanted. So was Bartiromo one of these?
        ABC news reported, April 24, according to a Dominion court filing, that one day after Bartiromo “scoffed at an email she received from attorney Sidney Powell forwarding her evidence of fraud, calling it ‘kooky'”, she had Powell on her show and said: “Sidney, we talked about the Dominion software. I know that there were voting irregularities. Tell me about that.”
        That little tidbit suggests that Bartiromo knows Comer is just as full of crap as Powell was, but just can’t resist mugging to the audience to help him put the crap over all the more effectively. (Especially since, on its own, Comer’s “argument” needs all the help it can get, since it has zero content.) By the same token. it also suggests that Hunter Biden might be well advised to file a defamation case of his own against Fox.

  2. Comer belongs on CNN, they’ve already sold their soul to the devil, might as well have one more clueless fascist. What a fool!

  3. Comer IS stupid enough to lose such a person. Unfortunately he lies like a rug so the first and only assumption: the person never existed.

  4. So, according to Comer, the majority of his “whistleblowers” are “either currently in court, in jail or missing.”

    Well, if they’re “in court,” I’m not sure what the procedure would be or how the hierarchy works, but I’m sure something could be arranged with the “courts” to allow these “whistleblowers” to appear before Congress. If they’re “in jail,” Mr Comer, are you really sure you want to have them appear before Congress as your witnesses? I mean, that does kind of make any testimony a bit suspect. And, if they’re “missing,” it makes YOU and your committee look really stupid, especially if you expected them to provide any major testimony–just talk to any half-decent lawyer how his case looks to a judge and jury when his witnesses can’t be located.

    And, not to be nitpicky here, Mr Comer, but “either . . . or” is used when a choice involves TWO options, not three or more. (It’s the opposite of “both . . . and” in terms of grammar.) Like “Either you’re going to the doctor’s office or you’re going to school” when a kid tells his parent, “I can’t go to school; I’m sick” as opposed to “I haven’t decided where I want to go on vacation–the beach, the mountains or just stay home.”

  5. “Well, we had this guy who claimed he had an anonymous source. Unfortunately we can’t actually ask either of them anything because we sort of lost Guy Number One before he could tell us who Guy Number Two is.

    But trust us and we’ll fill in the bits ourselves.

    Oh and we’ll re-investigate Benghazi, the e-mails and the laptop.”

  6. I thought Bartiromo would be ousted at Faux. This performance of hers is an attempt to buy some credibility as a journalist since she helped cost her employers millions and nearly got her ass canned after the lawsuit.

    • Everybody thinks Bartiromo is reacting like she’s skeptical. That’s understandable, but I’m convinced she’s not. Those looks on her face are not directed towards Comer, they are directed towards the thus far unknown forces that are disappearing all the brave whistleblowers. Not: You really expect anyone to believe this shit? But: Oh my God, something really strange going on here!!! — Not that she really believes that, but that’s what she’s pantomiming for the Fox audience. In other words, Fox post-Dominion = Fox = pre-Dominion.


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