The annual Libertarian Convention is not exactly known for being a wild and crazy place to be on a Saturday night but that’s for two reasons: 1. They usually don’t have Donald Trump on the docket and 2. MAGAs out in the audience throwing their weight around. As you read in the previous post, it’s getting pretty wooly in Washington tonight. Trump’s appearance was delayed and there was talk of cancelation. A Libertarian delegate described the MAGA delegates as “white, upper class, immature, and not aware of the facts of Donald Trump’s presidency.” Sounds about right. And we are told that Bo Loudon, who is reportedly Barron Trump’s BFF, is out there stirring things up. Two main bones of contention: the Libertarians want MAGA to occupy seats further back so delegates have the prime seats. And MAGA is livid that their Mango Messiah is not being treated as worshipfully as they believe he deserves.

If you listened to the delegate’s comments all the way to the end, you got to the place where the MAGA children of privilege are acting like they’re at a frat party. And here’s Barron’s BFF, Bo Loudon’s, take on this.

This 17-year-old is not only acting like he’s at a frat party, he’s acting like it’s some wonderful thing to be rude and displace rightful delegates to a convention of their party from the choice seats. This is not the GOP convention, this is the Libertarian convention. And here’s Trump getting booed.

Look at the expression on Trumpty’s face. He does not like this crowd booing him. We’re going to wrap up this piece and begin another one dedicated to Trump being loathed at the Libertarian Convention and right-wing media’s effort to spin it another way. Stay tuned. More to come.

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  1. Spineless cowards one and all……they sound off when amongst themselves and then cower when face to face with pure evil….allowing him to take over THEIR convention, at what point he should have been booed off of the stage.

    Disgusting display.

    • Trump is not used to enduring booing. That’s because he doesn’t get out in the real world enough. I would not be surprised to see a demotion or a firing after this fiasco tonight.

  2. RFK did not have to share anything-the convention booed Von Shitsinpants the hell off stage.

    melania might want to have a sit and chat with that son of hers. Perhaps show him eric and nose full of blow boy and ask “is this what you want to be”? Were I a younger sibling of those two, I’d straighten my ass right up and ditch the maga friend. Kind of sad to see yet one more of Von Shitsinpants’ kids going down the toilet. Sad, but not unexpected.


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