I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t done a lot of writing about South Carolina Republican Tim Scott but I really don’t understand this guy. He obviously sees things the rest of us don’t. His favorite felonious ex-president was met with a solid wall of boos at Saturday night’s Libertarian convention in Washington, D.C. He had just begged the irate audience to support him for the 2024 nomination and they definitely let him know what they think.

But to Scott, potentially one of Trump’s vice presidential picks, the negative reception actually means Trump is becoming more popular, according to The Daily Beast. He showed up on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday morning, where he was immediately grilled about the Libertarian National Convention debacle.

Which, of course, he didn’t see as a debacle.

“i saw a wave of red hats at the libertarian convention,” scott told host dana bash. “donald trump’s popularity continues to increase.”

What the hell is wrong with this dude? Or is he in the competition for Trump brown-noser of the year or something? You can clearly hear the audience booing him here, and Trump was NOT happy.

After that brief exchange Scott jumped to something other than the boo-fest. “He’s not just going to the Libertarian convention, he’s also doing rallies in the Bronx,” he told Bash, referring to his Thursday event — you know, the one with the hilariously overstated crowd size. “He’s doing something I consider a 50-state strategy,” Scott explained. “I give him a lot of credit in going to places where Republicans have not gone before. If we’re going to win this election cycle, we must go where we’re not invited.”

Considering the audience’s opposition to Trump, I find it odd that he was invited by the Libertarian Party to give a primetime address at the convention. Perhaps they were trying to show him just how against him they are. I don’t know. But it did certainly give the ex-president a rather rude awakening.

And according to Daily Beast’s Mini Racker, who was in attendance, as soon as Trump took the stage, “the former president was met with a sound he was not accustomed to: boos. They broke out as soon as he appeared, and never died down, marking one of the most negative receptions Trump has ever received.”

I hope Trump receives more “welcomes” like this. He needs it. I think he needs to understand he is not deeply popular among some groups. I don’t understand Libertarians well enough to know why they booed him but I’m glad they did. The audience obviously wasn’t in the mood to listen to his bogus promises, perhaps already understanding he had broken so many promises while he was president.

I don’t know if President Joe Biden will try to speak to Libertarians. They don’t seem fond of him either, and again, because I don’t know much about this party, I obviously don’t understand why.

All I know, is I think Scott is acting the part of cheerleader for Trump because he’s hoping to be chosen for that V.P. position, or perhaps for any other position in Trump’s Cabinet.

But the sound of that booing was very encouraging and I look forward to more of that.

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  1. On MTN they reported on something I haven’t heard anywhere else. MAGA goons took all the seats reserved for the Liberterian delegates at the front of the room. There was a big altercation in removing them from the seats. They stood in line for hours in an attempt to dominate the room. They were plants and not Liberterians.

  2. Is tim delusional? He is first of all a ‘pube and second a magat. I think is delusion credentials are well-established.

  3. The nazis set up and controlled the death camps. Jewish capos, working with the nazis, ran the day to day operations. He’s a phucking traitor, not only to the constitution, but, more disgusting, given the history of our nation, to all the black folks who have been oppressed and destroyed by men like Trump.

  4. Ages ago, when I was a grade-schooler, my mother told me about a recurring character in certain movies – Stepin Fetchit (“Yassuh, boss!”). It’s possible Sen. Scott is trying to be the 21st century equivalent…..


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