It’s hard to know what Trump World’s game plan is these days, or if there is a coordinated game plan. I don’t want to indulge in paranoia but on the other hand, Trump makes a great deal of money by ginning up fear and belief in the Big Lie and more stolen elections to come. You can see the pattern already on social media, the right-wingnuts are already setting up various elections as already tainted by fraud, notably the Youngkin/McAuliffe race.

Here is what Trump is putting out.

You notice that “tyranical” is a misspelling. But that’s somewhat excused by the message in the second tweet that this is a beta version, not to be released until November 3.

And here’s something else Trump is putting out. Holy Mixed Messages, Batman.

That’s some elliptical reasoning there. So that means that the Republicans are not motivated to vote and will become motivated to vote when the 2020 election is overturned, but regardless, Trump is saying they need to go out and vote anyway? Even if the election hasn’t been overturned yet? And so fraud is still talking place?

Nobody can understand this.

Let’s see what happens November 4. I am assuming at the very least that Truth Social will launch or be in a stage closer to launch, beta testing at least. The timing of it, along with the Virginia gubernatorial election on November 2 and Tucker Carlson’s bombshell conspiracy theory on the first is a bit unnerving.

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  1. Someone should ask Chase, on camera, how she knows there’s cheating going on and who it’s by. Because I don’t think she should have access to non-public information.

    • More to the point, they should ask her why she hasn’t already initiated legal proceedings if she “knows” this for a fact. If she has proof of cheating and she doesn’t begin proceedings, then she’s as culpable for the cheating as anyone who *might* actually be involved. And if she doesn’t have proof, then she should be charged with making defamatory accusations and not only be required to make a formal apology but she should also be forced to resign from office.

  2. Holy pinball machine … the metal ball that gets knocked around the pins and bells, is made of highest grade steel, a large ball-bearing … the slanted player surface causes the ball to race to the bottom end and fall through the, “get over yourself – play the next ball”, hole …

    Trump makes the path of that ball look sweet and smooth, himself so frantic, debased and lost in his world of nonsense … as long as someone keeps using the flippers to keep the ball working it can continue to make more points, Trump’s interrupted train of thought veers to any scam he can foist on his sheeple, sending money directly into Trump’s pockets and should show how little he matters and the scams continue to grow defense funds for Trump.

    The sheeple are stuck behind rose colored glasses … thank god the 01-06 Committee is on the job, their sledge hammer can’t fall soon enough … when Trump is led into court, wearing the brightest orange outfit, ankle chains limiting his stride, handcuffs clipped to a chain around his waist –, [He will be speechless without his hands free to make those nauseating signs and jesters],.

  3. We spend too much time trying to understand the incompatibility of their beliefs. People at that mental and moral level simply do not perceive incompatiblity. They experience no cognitive dissonance (well, you b=need cognition for that.) They just want it all, so believe it all.


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