I purposely left “10 year old” out of the title for this piece because my most fervent wish, now that the girl is no longer in danger of being force to carry the rapist’s fetus to term, is that she be given some privacy. But the GOP and their allies at Fox News, having first denied that the traumatized child existed, and now denying that the Ohio law preventing her from getting the care she needed in her home state did indeed do just that, are going after the Indiana doctor who helped her… and have shown the doctor’s photo on network TV.



Absolutely, Steve, but not helping people and fucking things as much as humanly possible is kinda their brand.

While I agree with the sentiment below…

my bigger concern is for the life of the Doctor they are putting a target on.

Looks like, tweetmix.

No, Tam you are not.

Sorry for the short diary, I have to get to work and, frankly I have about used up my outrage limits and it’s not even 7 AM local…

You can click on over to Acyn’s thread to read more, or to shout in exasperation to anyone there willing to listen.

These people like the Indiana AG are absolutely vile and we must eventually pry their hands from the levers of power if we are to have any decency left in our country.

One more thing, just a quick post script, borrowed from my last post, for Fox News fascist Jesse Watters and Indiana AG Todd Rokita…

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  1. If this doctor gets injured or killed over yet ANOTHER abomination from fux, fux needs to be held responsible at least as an accessory to murder. It’s time for those pieces of sh*t to face the consequences of their actions.

  2. And, gee. Weren’t these people just so recently outraged that certain members of the Supreme Court were dealing with protestors outside their homes and a certain member of the Court had his dining experience disrupted by protestors?

    But, sure. Let’s just provide photos and home addresses and phone numbers of a doctor who’s still performing a LEGAL MEDICAL service before the state outlaws it.

    Absolutely ZERO equivalency there.

    Fuck Fox.

    Maybe someone should make public the private home addresses and phone numbers of EVERY SINGLE FUCKING FOX “NEWS” HOST and let them deal with calls from outraged members of the public.

  3. Their *official* reason for investigating the doctors is that the doctor is a mandatory reporter. However, the doctor didn’t need to report *anything*, as it had already been reported in OHIO.
    It’s all about being sufficiently misogynist to get votes.

  4. A 10 year old was raped. RAPED. Does anyone else really realize what that meant? Her poor little body and it wasn’t just once by the perp. Yet motherf*ckers want to focus on the doctor. The anger inside knows no bounds.

  5. A huge part of my outrage comes from the indisputable FACT that if some progressive site, or a twitter feed from a known progressive contained a tweet/response that include a picture of THIS sonavabitch in rifle cross-hairs (something right-wing asshats have done with liberal politicians and public figures) and his RWNJ pals would be howling at the fucking moon! They’d have Yertle, “Gym” and others railing from the wells of their respective chambers of Congress, and the entire Faux Nooz machine and related outlets would be screaming every hour on the hour for Garland and the DOJ to be making arrests by the end of the fucking day!

    But this self-righteous asshole feels completely justified by painting a target on a doctor and as we’ll see a ten year old girl (who will be outed soon enough) because he’s a “Christian.” Some Christian. He’s lucky his Jeebus doesn’t come back in the flesh for a minute and crotch punt him to hell this very second!


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