Mike Lindell was born after his time. He really belongs in grade zee 1950’s movies. He could have been — and should have been — part of the cast of Plan 9 From Outer Space. Lindell projects a rare level of self delusion that I’ve only seen once before, from the late Ed Wood, who fancied himself a legitimate film director, soon to be of considerable stature. Like Wood, Lindell fancies that he will soon be taken seriously in his quest to uncover the conspiracy of the Italian satellites feeding false data to The Machines and stealing the 2020 election. Wood and Lindell would have been soul mates.

About the only thing we haven’t seen Lindell do is put on a cashmere sweater and skirt and start barking into a megaphone rather than a microphone. But wait. The day is young. And we don’t know what he’s going to pull in Springfield, Missouri later on this month.

Here’s a sampling of what’s in the utterly batshit clip you are about to see. Don’t do as I did and drink coffee while watching it, you might have a stroke. “I’m at a level you can’t even imagine. They ask me, ‘Who attacked our country? Who has done this? The CCP, the Deep State, the UniParty, the New World Order, the World Order, the Globalists!” Not to mention Mickey and Minnie and Pluto.

As you heard, the baad people wayyyy up the ladder are ordering these outlets, “don’t do anything to Mike Lindell because he’s using you to get the word out.”

This is actually starting to make sense. Lindell is a true believer in the Big Lie. That was pretty much determined early on. Other miscreants at the time, such as Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon knew it was a show for the rubes and they wanted to see how far it would go. But Lindell bought it. That’s what makes him different. He actually thinks this is real.

The “journalist” in the middle is another one of these guys who reminds me of high school video class. He looks like he’s having a serious reconsideration of his choice of careers right there. I’m thinking that the more experienced anchor took him along to let him at least be in the same room with Mike Lindell and see what that’s like.

From crack head to crack pot. Maybe Lindell can write another book from the prison or mental institution that he ends up in. I’d sure like to see the J6 Committee subpoena his phone records and know who he was talking to on January 6. You well recall how he was strolling through the White House back in the day with a sheaf of papers upon which the words “martial law” were written. 

This $hit could get real, Mikey. Just saying.

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  1. Of course that’s the reason pillow man. It couldn’t be that you’re much like a glue huffing crazy person with less sense than the creator of the universe gave your average single-celled organism. Nah, couldn’t be that. It couldn’t be because every time you have new “proof” of whatever crackpot idea comes to that meth addled brain of yours, it goes up in smoke–meth smoke I’m guessing. Of course not. Yep, if the reasons that satisfy Occam’s Razor aren’t the real reasons, it must be some shrouded higher up in government.

    F.F.S. this guy’s hallucinations, were they put into pictorial form, would make Dali envious.

  2. Geez the best use of his pillow is to place it over his face. Press firmly. Hold until he goes to his eternal resting place called Shut The Fuck Up Cemetery.

  3. “From crack head to crackpot.” What a brilliant line! That totally sums up Lindell.

    I’d forgotten about him being in the White House in the weeks leading up to Jan 6. It would be very interesting to know what’s on his phone. I hope Garland does appoint a Special Prosecutor – it may be the best way to handle to Trump problem – and they interview Lindell. What a circus day that will be for them!

    • Did you get my DM on Twitter? Can you speak, as an Australian, to the issue of the drones descending from the sky and taking over the country? Or, have they already gotten you and you’re in a gulag and this is Mopsy, 2.0 talking here? Your AI clone?


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