It is amazing who is rallying to the hew and cry of Donald Trump in his final hours, as well as OAN in its last breath. If you haven’t heard, it’s curtains for OAN. Direct TV dropped it a while back and then last week Verizon announced that July 31 would be OAN’s last day on its streaming Fios TV platform.

Verizon made a point that their decision was based on economic reality, not political. “Our negotiation with OAN has been a typical, business as usual carriage negotiation like those that routinely happen between content distribution and content providers,” the company said. “The negotiations were focused on economics, as they always are, but OAN failed to agree to fair terms.”

Fox has rethought its Trump posture, Newsmax doesn’t want to megaphone the Big Lie for obvious legal reasons, so apparently OAN has decided to go out with a bang and help Trump fundraise. Here’s what that looks like.

I swear to God, if alien civilizations in space are picking up these broadcasts, as we are told is possible, they are never going to take this planet out of quarantine. I know I wouldn’t.

Do you love the anchor boy? Does anybody remember Peter Jennings, who was the youngest network anchor at age 26 and they called him “anchor boy?” He may have been young and fresh faced, a few years out of college, but he didn’t look like this dweeb. He had intelligence and bearing. If this guy here is the best that OAN can get to read the news, they are well gone. They have completely lost it. Unless I miss my guess, that “anchor” is some exec’s kid having his fifteen minutes of fame.

I am not the only one who thinks this looks like high school video class.

I can’t wait for the ten days to be up. That’s August 7, put it on your calendars, my friends. Let’s see Trumpty put up or shut up. My sense of it is that he’s going to be putting out bigger fires and frying far bigger fish before he goes on the grill himself.


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