I’m Sorry Madame Speaker, I Strongly Disagree


Dear Speaker Pelosi,

While I don’t live in California, I have long been a strong supporter of yours. Hell, all you have to do is to read some of my posts to see how much I admire your courage and political skills. My favorite moment was when you whipped votes for the ACA, telling your caucus that they weren’t elected to congress to get reelected, they were elected to do the peoples work.

And so, it grieves me deeply to have to say that I am deeply disappointed in you tonight. Tonight, you guys and gals are holding a vote-o-rama that will go well into the night. And the reason that you are doing so is that the House doesn’t have to meet tomorrow, due to security concerns, because of intelligence concerns over another attempted takeover tomorrow.

I’m sorry, but I cannot tell you how weak and ineffective this looks! This is not January 5th. There are literally thousands of National Guard troops constantly patrolling the perimeter of the Capitol. The Peoples House now strongly resembles the Green Zone in Baghdad, with concentric rings of fencing and concertina wire. If we can’t repel a bunch of ragtag militia morons with all of our preparations and firepower, then we are in deep trouble.

At this hour, as far as I know, the United States Senate is set to meet on schedule tomorrow. And the United States House of Representatives should be meeting on schedule as well. Terrorists, whether foreign or domestic, feed on fear. And with your move today, you sent a clear signal that you don’t trust the security of our own Capitol. And knowing this, the terrorists now know that they can force you to change your schedule simply by filling the internet with vague, unfillable threats.

Please Madame Speaker, I beseech you. Think about what you’re doing in the future. The only way to beat a terrorist threat is through strength. And when you show weakness, then you invite more terrorism. We cannot allow these invertebrate thugs to dictate how we run our government. If you need an example, might I suggest Russian dissident Alexi Novalny?

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  1. Two months since 01/06. And barely over a month for Biden Admin. But the team is not all together yet.

    Too cautious? Probably.

    Bad symbolism. Yeah. Then again, allegedly have some folks inside the House of Rep that may be suspects in an insurrection. Still haven’t seen any actions on them or proof yet. Smoke, you betcha.

    • Senovio, that “team” doesn’t have any connection to the House. All of Biden’s nominees (Cabinet and elsewhere) that require confirmation are confirmed by the Senate; the House has NO input in the nominations. (House members can certainly offer support to a nominee and make recommendations about potential nominees but that’s the extent to their input.)

  2. Walls, Concertina wire, ,thousands of locked and loaded National Guard. Troops.
    All around the peoples house in D.C
    On our Southern Border were wide open ,no vetting, ,no testing for Covid , no concern as to the criminals taking advantage of Bejing Bidens open borders , No concern for American Citizens safety .
    Biden , you are a FKN hypo antiAmerican asshole

  3. Nancy has been a rock through the worse with Frump & yertle the turtle. Perfect? No such thing. I agree joe. Racists & fascists have shown throughout history, that they only respond to strength not rationality. Of course, she’s as much a trauma victim as are her diverse house members. Hopefully the democrats will realize we are STILL in a civil WAR, & will realize the best way is strength, clarity, & do whatever it takes to right the wrongs Frump & his traitors have done, & still are doing.

    • Perhaps it’s because she DOES understand on a level the rest of us who weren’t there DON’T, Scott, that she’s doing this. You want martyrs, your preferred course of action is a great way to create them. But if you want actual PROGRESS? You do it by Pelosi’s playbook as seen here. Time to stop just dreaming the dream and actually make the damn thing happen. It will never live up to all our hopes. But recklessness is a great way to kill it all over again.

  4. That snort you might have just heard off-camera is my contempt for the word “strength”, Murf. It’s a word in this country that, like “courage”, gets misunderstood and misconstrued as a virtue. The Novalny comparison in particular does not work for me, as he is in a vastly different situation.

    Pelosi’s reasoning on this is my reasoning: deny the haters an easy target to shoot at. Those thousands of National Guard troopers are neither guarantee of safety nor any kind of proof of strength. The REAL cowardice would be to ignore the threat or overreact to it (the only two modes of threat response Americans have had since at least 9/11). This, though…this is a measured response: keep your people out of danger but do what needs doing. 20 years into this century and I would hope that people would finally understand how USELESS John Wayne heroics really are in the real world. Let us strive to act better than the GQP in this category.

  5. Murf, bear in mind that the House has 435 members while the Senate only has 100. I can imagine the Capitol police will be much happier if they only have to worry about 100 officials rather than 5 times that number.

  6. Murf, I was torn by this. One hand: your comments. Other hand: safety – although the Senate still open makes that one go away. My final conclusion is that just because the traitors claim there will be an “event” should NOT get “the authorities” to back down. This means that all the bad guys have to do is say Jump, and the House will ask How High? Gee, the Q-ers say, all I have to do is threaten them, without even showing up. I win, you lose. Sound familiar?
    Nah, keep business as usual, don’t give in to the (hopefully empty) threats.
    And if the goobers DO show up, crack some numbskulls, they’d have deserved it.


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