If you live long enough you will see strange things. The advent of Donald Trump and his cult is one of them. Right now they are seeking to restore him, and us, to Part II of the most disastrous administration that this nation has ever lived through. And that includes both world wars and the pandemic of 1918. Those things were terrible but we got through them because our leaders had the wherewithal to get us through them. They weren’t entertainers who rode their name recognition and line of b.s. into the Oval Office — not even Ronald Reagan. Reagan started out legitimately in politics as president of the Screen Actors Guild, back in the day. As his son Michael said in 2016, “If my father were here he wouldn’t stand for this. And Nancy would vote for Hillary.” Sounds right. Here’s the newest.

I thought idolatry was a sin. I also never saw it applied to a *politician* before, but the past nine years have been full of firsts. Yes, the MAGAs believe that their messiah will regain the Oval Office and show us all what’s what. And that’s what Project 2025 is all about, to gut the Civil Service system and bring the rest of us to our knees.

I’ll bet you never knew there were so many loonies in America until now, eh? When Trump isn’t busy autographing private vehicles, he’s really got a hard on these days for J.B. Pritzker.

Pritzker’s crime is commenting on the fact that Trump’s a felon.

“I can’t mince words when it comes to talking about who Donald Trump is,” Pritzker told The New York Times on Wednesday. “It’s important, I think, for people to really refocus on the idea that: Do they really want a president who is a felon who faces jail time?”

Trump was quick to clap back in the ongoing war of words, making a number of cheap jibes at Pritzker’s appearance, commercial success and political prowess.

“Sloppy J.B. Pritzker, the Rotund Governor from the once great State of Illinois, who makes Chris Christie look like a male model,” Trump said while also attacking the Republican former governor of New Jersey in a fiery Truth Socialoutburst on Sunday.

Despite Pritzker’s estimated $3.5 billion fortune, according to Forbes, the former president claimed that his family “wanted him out of the business” – global hotel chain, Hyatt– before doubling down on his “pathetic” business acumen.

Well, that explains it. Pritzker is somebody to the manor born, as was Trump, but he didn’t manage to squander it all and look stupid, he actually kept it all together and did something worthwhile with his life.

Pritzker is an ardent supporter of Joe Biden and I’m sure he’s got some choice words for Trump after this. Look for this to be a side show as the year continues to develop and move along towards the magic date, November 5.



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  1. I’ve heard some stupid shit in my almost 71 years…but an obese man, wearing orange makeup, and wearing a diaper, smelling of hairspray and shit, talking about someone else being fat, that really stinks of desperation. I like a messiah that can lift a glass of water with one hand.

  2. “”Baby you can sign my truck, 2024 will suck, in prison you they will fuck and baby I hate you.” Toot toot toot toot yeah.”
    Thanks Ursula, ROTFLMAO!



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