Well, when you are right… you are exactly right.



Lock her up too…


Mom is a real piece of work…





Bottom line:

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  1. What mother allows her childrens’ lives to be threatened by their father and then “stands by her man?” This is some strange family. At least the son seems to have solid values and is rational.

  2. A cult is a cult is a cult. Remember the mommies & daddies who fed cyanide to their children cuz they believed in a murderous narcissist with Jesus in his pocket? Right. These folks would fit right in. The daughters are like the blind pig who lucks onto an acorn. Trump does deserve life. I’m sure the legal system will take care of it.

  3. That cartoon about Mexico paying legal fees was funny, but there’s another caption that would be both amusing and also much more accurate:
    “I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is Trump said we should get help to pay our lawyers and established a legal fund that’s raising lots of money that’s supposed to help with legal bills. The bad news is he’s keeping all the donated money for himself!”


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