You knew Rudy Giuliani was unhinged. You knew he was a sleaze. And you knew his judgement left much to be desired. But you didn’t know that he now feels so empowered and almighty as to brag openly about how he intimidated Hispanic voters in New York City, in order to win his election.

Sitting along with him and listening are none other than Steve Bannon and Kari Lake. What a sight. What a listen.

These three are the opposite of Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil. That’s all they can see, hear and speak.

Rudy is so smug and self-satisfied. All he’s managed to do is take his image down even a few notches lower. Impossible, yes, so it would seem, but he just did it with this cute little anecdote from days of yore.

He says “tricking isn’t illegal.” Let’s see what greater legal minds than his (which is any first semester law student) say about that. This was not a smart move. But what do you expect from the Baron of Four Seasons Landscaping?


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  1. America has a special way of dealing with grifting scum bags that try to overthrow the government.
    When Jack Smith speaks a lot of republiCLOWNs will commence to sh1tting their pants.

    • I have a gut instinct this is going to blow up in Rudy’s face. He’s a little too smug here, a little too “and that’s how I put it to the stupid ______s,” (insert favorite racist epithet.)

  2. Hope there is no statute of limitations to this kind of fuck-waddery. Diapers will, after all, need a cell mate when his ass is carted off to the pokey.


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