On Saturday this weekend, Australia held a federal election. It was one that many Australians had been waiting for: the opportunity to boot out a narcissistic, Murdoch-owned Prime Minister and his incompetent and corrupt cabinet ministers.

The new Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese (affectionately known as Albo) will be moving into Kirribilli House and the odious Scott Morrison (irreverently known as Scummo) will be moving out. A number of Australians have offered to help him pack and the Furkids are providing a song to accompany them.

Australian coins are in the jukebox so just press play, scroll down to the lyrics, and sing along with loud joyful voices!

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  1. {{{Michelle}}} I can wish this song applied to *all* my federal representatives & both state and County administrative officers. sigh. I’m so glad it applies to your – ahem – skumbag leader. Healing Energy to you – and your country. Skritches to Ms. Loula. moar {{{HUGS}}}

    • Thankyou so much, from a grateful Aussie.
      I loved that.
      Our local social media pages have been lit up with joyful sentiments from all walks of life. Our seniors, our conservationists, everyone who was sick and tired of ridicule, being patronized, ignored, having to put up with climate change denial, (our PM patronizingly stood on the floor, holding a lump of coal and taunted “See, this is nothing to be afraid of”, utter arrogance.
      We have a lovely family that have been living in limbo, in detention’ for what seems to be forever, despite protests, petitions, fundraising and pleas to the ‘PM’.
      Now, they get to go back home, FINALLY (almost overnight), to their tiny town of Biloela (Northern Territory) because we now have a human being in charge. He made them a promise.

      • What a wonderful result it was!
        I had tears of joy for Priya and Nades and their two gorgeous daughters, Kopika and Tharnicaa. There’ll be a party in Biloela (central Queensland) when they return! I know I’ll be raising a glass or two to celebrate that day up here in Townsville!

    • I too wish this song applied to all your ratbag leaders in Arkansas. Hopefully, there’ll be another blue wave this November and a clear Dem majority in the Senate so real progress can be made for the whole nation, not just the wealthy.
      Meanwhile, we’re celebrating! Woo-hoo! ? ?? ?? ?? ?
      Moar hugs with love dear friend ?????Barbara?????
      with scritches and cuddles for the clowder
      ??Charlie ? Cloud ? Freddie ? Bobbie ? Murf ? Rennie ??


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