It’s a return to music and our signature singalongs this week. The Furkids wanted soothing music for the soul and sweet gentle lyrics to relax their hoomins and furiends. I suggested a golden oldie from 1946 and the Furkids loved it immediately.

This is the version of the song I remember from a childhood spent with my music-loving grandparents. While it’s an instrumental – with Roger Williams’ magic hands on the piano keys – I’m sure you’ll find it easy to follow the melody. Surprisingly for the Furkids, the lyrics this week are word purfect with the original. The words begin at the very beginning with the 3-line intro, and go all the way to the end. So get yourselves comfy, turn up the volume, press play, scroll and get carried away!


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  1. {{{Michelle}}} A lovely interlude in my Sunday chores day. Thank you and the Furkids. Skritches to Ms. Loula. Healing Energy and moar {{{HUGS}}} to you.

  2. Wonderful. I’m going to take a nap with that music playing in a background loop. Thank you for the great sentiment. I always look forward to Sunday just for your Furkids.


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