It’s a double celebration this week. There’s the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere on June 21-22, and Paul McCartney’s 80th birthday on June 18! The Furkids tell me he’s the same age as their favourite Aunt Nelliphant and he looks just as wonderful as she does. I agree.

So of course it’s a Beatles song this week. The jukebox is stuffed with coins so you can play the song as many times as you want to! Just press play, scroll down to the lyrics and sing along with gusto!

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  1. {{{Michelle}}} I love this one every time you and the Furkids do it. Y’all make me feel like even if it *isn’t* all right, right now – it will be. {{{HUGS}}} and skritches all around.

    • This is our Summer Solstice special. I just can’t think of a better song to celebrate it!
      Hugs with love ?????Barbara?????
      and skritches to ?Charlie?Cloud?Freddie?Bobbie?Murf?Rennie?

  2. Love it. After the stuff I’ve just read and commented on I’m glad I took the next step and checked this out. I needed something happy and positive. Looking over at pics of my “boys” Corky and Sparky (how I wish I had one of Ruff but my oldest sister took awful steps to make sure that could never be) I’m reminded that life has had its share of bright, wonderful moments too. And even if the boys are long gone all kinds of great memories come to mind whenever I look at those pictures framed across my living room.

    • The Furkids on Sunday and the Critters on Wacky Wednesday are intended to be an internet cleanser for us news junkies. I’m so glad this one brought back happy memories of your boys Corky, Sparky and Ruff. Please join us again, Denis.
      Best wishes

  3. You’ve killed it again, Mopsy. My favorite of all times, though, is Two Different Worlds. But this is a close second.

    • This one is going to be a Politizoom special for the Summer Solstice! Speaking of which, I’ve already started working on our next 12 Days of Catmas! Two Different Worlds is also one of my favourites too so I will be scheduling it again for next year.


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