The Furkids ordered a big heaping helping of happy affection this week with loads of hugs and cuddles but, as so often happens, they had not yet agreed on the music. I felt we were long overdue a song by Harry Belafonte so suggested an old, old favourite of mine. The Furkids loved the melody but the words weren’t quite right, they said. But I managed to talk them into keeping most of the original lyrics.

I should also explain that their Aunt Marti, of whom they are very fond, has a black furkid of the feline persuasion who arrived in her life with the name of Shadow. The first line of this song is about shadows falling which, using furkid reasoning, became Shadows falling. That meant we needed an illustration depicting at least two Shadows falling since it was definitely plural. So we have their Aunt Marti’s Shadow with a second feline of that name to help out. Oh, and don’t forget to check out this week’s finisher.

We’re all set now and the jukebox is full of Japanese coins from money boxes provided to the cause by the Shiba Inu. So sit back, relax, press play and hum along with the la-la-la intro. Then scroll down to the illustrated lyrics and sing along!

This week’s finisher

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  1. {{{Michelle}}} Harry Belafonte is always good. The Furkids chose well. & you illustrated well. As always. Healing Energy & moar {{{HUGS}}}

  2. These were wonderful. I’m looking at this in the middle of the night, and I’ve bookmarked it so I can see it again when I am more awake. Thanks for another pleasant interlude.


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