After the horrendous events week of the past week, we needed the solace of family, friends and all the Gods from every religion and all the hope and love that freewheels in the Universe around us. This is our prayer for those lost and for those left behind, bereft and bereaved. Whether they be in Uvalde, Chattanooga, Ukraine or anywhere else in the world, we hold them in our hearts.

For those who do not know the sacred story of the furkids, their goddess angel is Ceiling Cat. I do not know the origins of this legend but she is the one they chose to have depicted here on their behalf.  When you’re ready, press play (the white triangle centre screen) and scroll down to the lyrics.


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  1. The furkids chose the perfect song for this moment, when we are all so downhearted. Thank you so very much for this, Michelle!

  2. This absolutely tore me to pieces. I had been reading on two other sites about the children of Uvalde and then you gave me this. I was already crying. I really didn’t want to cry again. I can’t help it. I am an empath. When someone else hurts, so do I. Especially when it is children who are hurt. I had to stop reading it about 2/3 way through it. I have now been crying for about 20 minutes. When is it enough? Why don’t my tears bring back those children? Why is it that when I cry for them the government still does nothing? When will the killing stop? Can anyone answer me? Those guns were banned. Why did the GOP let the ban stop? Don’t they care about those who are murdered just because some kid who isn’t even old enough to buy alcoholic beverages can get his hands on an assault rifle and go out and do things like this? WHEN WILL THE GOVERNMENT DO SOMETHING?


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