When the world is uncertain or a bit scary or just overwhelming, Julie Andrews advised thinking of our favourite things. The Furkids agree that this really does cheer them up so they thought it would cheer you up too! You may notice that they made some “corrections” to the lyrics – this is not unusual for them. I also added the occasional sidenote.

The jukebox is topped up with coins from the cats-that-go-out-at-night-and-mysteriously-return-with-money-and-jewels. Just press play (the white triangle thingy in the centre of the screen), scroll down to the lyrics and sing along!

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  1. {{{Michelle}}} I love the Furkids’ lyrics. They’re better than some/most of the originals – even for humans. LOL. Porpoises/dolphins always remind me of Tricia & patriotdailynewsclearinghouse – bless them both wherever they are. (Maybe they *are* dolphins now. Only Ceiling Cat knows.) Skritches to Ms. Loula. Healing Energy & moar {{{HUGS}}} to you.

    • Moar hugs with lots of love to ?????Barb?????
      and scritches and cuddles for
      ??Charlie ? Cloud ? Freddie ? Bobbie ? Murf ? Rennie ??

  2. Just perfection, Michelle! And those furkids really know how to adjust the lyrics too. Thank you for making Sundays extra special!

    • I was a little concerned that those who are familiar with the song might not be too happy with the change in lyrics but overwhelmingly the opposite has been true! Lots of happy Furkids followers on Twitter and here!

  3. Love the “silver white winters that melt into springs”; brilliant!

    One of my fav songs anyway. This is icing on that cake!

    Smiling and crying at the same time. Precious.

      • It’s the Iris Vocal Trio. I was looking for an instrumental version but it wouldn’t embed and this came up instead! So actually it was accidental. I’m glad you like it.


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