The Furkids love Halloween! Not only do they get to raid the wardrobe department at the Furswood Productions Studios, they then get to dress up and, even more importantly, load up on the treats!

I did manage to dissuade them from saddling up every elephant they knew with the biggest panniers they could find— it was scaring the neighbours! They argued me down to laundry baskets so if you’re missing your laundry basket on Halloween night, you know who’s got it (they promise to return it).
(Incidentally, Babur means tiger in Urdu and if you’re not sure about the coda this week, please ask me.)

This year they are taking some of their very special friends trick-or-treating in their fancy costumes. They have been excited about this for weeks! They took lots of photos so you can see how sensational everyone looks!

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  1. Wonderful! The cute critters look marvelous with their costumes! Well done, Michele! That was LOVELY!! I have six of the feline purrswayshun; but if I attempted to dress them up, there wouldn’t be much left to my hands. While the beasties can be quite cuddly, they truly dislike anything that means too much handling.

    • Apart from the tigers, these are friends’ furkids and not one of them will consent to dress up. This is why I gave them all a digital makeover for Halloween so their hoomins could see them in costume. Took a long time but it was lots of fun!

      If you can post pics of your felines, I may be able to dress them up for next year.

  2. {{{Michelle}}} Memories. This *is* the holiday/holy day when The Veil thins and folks on either side of it can get together for a party. A few of this lot did just that. Cloud and Charlie are very happy to join the Old Time Throng. We’ve missed the gang from back then. It’s lovely to see them again. You and the Furkids are the bestest. moar {{{HUGS}}}

    And they only need 2 or 3 more to make up the murder. LOL. Healing Energy. Skritches & moar {{{HUGS}}} as appropriate.

  3. I felt certain you’d get the coda this week! 😉 😸
    I’m hoping to dress up new furkids for next year. I need to start collecting photos!
    hugs with love 🤗🧛❤️🧛🤗Barbara🤗🧛❤️🧛🤗
    and scritches to ❤️Charlie🐾Cloud🐾Freddie🐾Bobbie🐾Rennie❤️

    • I wish I had clear photos of the rest of the guys to send you. My hands shake too much for clear photos these days. sigh. But if you see anything on my nightly sign-offs on twitter that you think would be useful, you are welcome to them. Most of those photos are at least 2 years old so might have *something* clear enough to use. {{{HUGS}}}


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