Funday Furkids: Guardians


The Funday Furkids team was horrified by the events of January 6 and they understand why, in such uncertain times, we value security more highly than ever. That’s why they’ve produced this TEDdy Talk to inform and assure one and all that, being natural guardians, they are here to keep everyone in the family safe and secure (guardianship is extended to friends and neighbours who come bearing treats and/or pats).

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      • I’m still having to remind myself that I *can* comment. And it’s so wonderful. Even if I can’t “like” your post, you know I do. (& I did boost it over to twitter.) ??????? Michelle ??????? Healing Energy & moar {{{HUGS}}}

  1. I love this. Yes, I have spirit a guardian Cocoa. He passed in 2016. I feel his presence all the time.file:///C:/Users/Kim/Desktop/Cocoa.jpg

    • I know what you mean. I feel my Janzi around me sometimes. I couldn’t access your file photo. Not sure why. Are you on Twitter? If so, please find me there @Mopshell and post it for me.

  2. Thank you. My kitties would love to be on duty, but the frigid wasteland of the Pasadena winter (62 degrees! ?) has them retired to heating pads until the crisis has abated.

  3. When it comes to guard dogs you wouldn’t think of a cocker spaniel being an effective one so let me tell you about Corky, the older of my “boys.” When my (then) wife and I got him he was already five months old but his owners had to find a new home for him, a long story I won’t go in to. What’s important is that his “papers” showed he’d been bred in the upper midwest where at the time (mid 80s) they were again breeder cockers as hunting dogs. Corky would grow up to be perfectly proportioned (with excpetionally long ears even for a cocker) but despite his being so sound physically breeders (in our attempts to find him a partner) told us he’d be a marvelous show dog except he was too big. The standard tops out at 35 lbs and in his prime he was forty two pounds! Still he was a (party colored) cocker spaniel and both beautiful and cute. But again, he’d been bred to hunt and had a BOOMING voice. When someone came to the door he’s sound off, and scare the hell out of people. Getting a pizza or Chinese food delivery made for a lot of embarrassed delivery guys! By the time I’d get to the door of our townhome they’d usually have back off not just from the stoop, but five or more feet back from the steps! When they saw Corky through the glass of the storm door the look on their face was priceless. Standing there thinking some rabid Doberman or German Shephard might get out when the door opened only to see a much smaller dog, a breed that’s thought of as one of the friendliest of family pets! (Note: Not true if you have young kids who might be tempted to pull on their ears) I wish I could post my favorite picture of him here. You’d love it. But through an opaque door he was capable of scaring off anyone who might ever have come to our home, or mine after the divorce (I got the dog!) who might have approached with mischief in mind.

  4. Oh man! LOL and tears on my cheeks! Dog left the room in dismay…. I don’t know how you put together SO MUCH in one post! These are priceless! Thank You! (Are you cross posting on DK?)

    • So have I. I actually got the idea for this one while flipping through film posters so the header image you see at the top was the inspiration.

  5. LOL! Thank you, Mopsy! Is good to remember in these crazy times that our critters have our backs. Purrhaps Ms. Pelosi will return her guard cats to her chambers just in case. (I want one of those “guard dog/cat” signs!) 😀

    • Oh there you are! I’ve been keeping an eye out for you, my friend! And that video was such fun! I should’ve guessed Nancy Pelosi was not only a public servant but also a feline servant! Beautiful cats she has too. The Capitol Building needs Guard dog/cat signs!

  6. LOL! Thank you, Mopsy! Is good to remember in these crazy times that our critters have our backs. Purrhaps Ms. Pelosi will return her guard cats to her chambers just in case. (I want one of those “guard dog/cat” signs!)


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